Tonight's Questions

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Hey kids, any amount is appreciated.

  • IF the Yankees are interested in every single free agent on the market, and the team is so bad that it needs a complete overhaul then...

  • HOW does Brian Cashman have a job? And...

  • IF they sign 4 guys this winter to $400M worth of contracts and they win next year...

  • WILL people talk about what a great job he did of getting the team back to the top? Because that all sounds like crap to me.

  • WILL Tony Kubek getting into the Hall Of Fame do anything to stop Upstate Underdog from complaining about Jim Kaat's exclusion?

  • DO you need a date? Ask this broad.

See you, stinkers. Same WoW channel.

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Yes, because two starting pitchers and an outfielder is a "complete overhaul".

The legal alcohol limit in New Zealand is .15? Fuck that's almost double what it is in my state.

Billy Beane eats pieces of shit like Cashman and Epstein for breakfast. Then he trades them.

Sabathia eats hald a pig for breakfast. Then he eats the other half.

Cashman is a joke. You have to wonder if Little Stein makes him wash the family limo on the weekends.

Tony Kubek teaches ESL to Hmong and Mexican immigrants? That's pretty cool.

Brian Cashman walks into a bar and the bartender says, "'Ey, why th'long pockets?"

God dammit Cashman. Burnett too?

My team needs 2 starters and an OF too.

no CTC, no it will not

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