Tonight's Questions

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Hey kids, buy it, buy it, buy it, sell it.

  • HOW is it possible that I had never seen Hamster On A Piano before Maura talked about it on Idolator today?

  • DO you have a question for Rinku and/or Dinesh? Well now you can play along at home and pretend you're like me, the handsome interviewer. They've set up an email address where you can ask them stuff and they'll answer it in the blog.

  • IS it possible that Hanley Ramirez may not even make the DR's WBC team? If that happens then Felipe Alou is drinking his son's pee again.

  • ARE you sad that George Bush doesn't want to be Commissioner of Baseball because he's "had enough of the spotlight?" Then you're an idiot like he is. Go read another blog.

  • IF Jim Leyland (that asshole) wants to forget last season, wouldn't I be doing him a favor by hitting him over the head with a sock full of nickels?

  • MEANEST Tonight's Questions ever? I don't care, go cry to your mother.

Hamster on a piano. (Whoa-oh) Hamster on a piano. (Whoa-oh) Eating popcorn on a piano, same WoW channel.

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Hey goat, I like that beard. Go cry to your mothuh for me.



Is Hamster on a Piano by Ween? I bet I would love it even more if were high on ScotchGuard.

In which Rob Iracane and Kris "CTC" Liakos discuss the present state of baseball and the hamster condition

Should I drop the "CTC" in the header?

Only drop the "CTC" in the header if you drop it in the comments. New Wowies may be confused otherwise.

I dropped a CTC in the starbucks bathroom this afternon.

I may revoke your membership in the acronym club for even suggesting it. You're on thin ice, Liakos.

I have now watched hamster on a piano about 73 times.

Up to 173 times.

i don't know if you guys know this, but kris liakos likes garfield

Hamster on a piano, hamster on a piano. Hamster on a piano. EATING FUCKING POPCORN ON A FUCKING PIANO.


MDT, if i drop the acronym we're still bros.

I promise, Magic Dolphin Taco.

Kris, you keep the CTC or drop the CTC. Either way, you are still thumbs up in all our hearts. And talk more about Nermal.

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