Tonight's Questions

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fish baby.jpgHey kids, my life exploded.

  • NEED a baseball team? The Padres are for sale. I can't really blame John Moores. If I had any assets I'd liquidate them too.

  • IS there a doubt that Andy Pettite is going back to The Bronx? I guess with all the free agent hubbub down there, he kind of got lost in the shuffle. But with the kind of money they're throwing around they could pay him $30M to be a one out lefty specialist. I give this news a bi...zzzzzz

  • ARE you excited for me to write at least 3 posts about Barry Bonds signing with a weak hitting team come spring time? Well he aint quitting and neither am I.

  • IF teams can't afford Barry Bonds, you think they'd sign Dizzee Rascal? He seems pretty good with a bat.

  • IS anyone else starting to feel like the ownership situation leaguewide is something less than stable? These guys are the same rich folk you hear losing money all over the place and you gotta wonder when it starts affecting the clubs. Fred Wilpon's losses in that Madoff ponzi scheme are fueling just that type of speculation.

  • WHY can't I have this kind of stuff in Boston? I'm sick of locking up my bike and leaving it in the rain. And yes, my bike has gears and handbrakes. I'm not a filthy trendjumping hipster.

That's it, Grampy. Show's over for today. Come back tomorrow when the dancers are rested up. Same WoW channel.

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Tonight I'm going to an italian shoe store to watch the Browns-Eagles game at a viewing party with free champagne and hors d'ouvers hosted by Keyshawn Johnson. Life is strange.

Will Bob Dylan be there?

Nah, I only met him a couple times. My college roomate married his daughter.

My college roomate married his daughter.


That is a cool and scary story all at once. Ask Keyshawn if he really hates TO.

Ask Keyshawn how he likes his In and Out Burger.

They need those bike things in Madison, WI. Bikes are everywhere cause of U-Wisconsin.

And what is all this fuss over In and Out burgers? I've never had one, am I missing something?

My college roomate married his daughter.


No, it was a Jewish service. None of that new age crap.

Madoff Ponzi, great name.

Who is this Rascall chap, do we really need a grime master?, isn't that job done by people who sweep the streets?

Once you go fixed you never go back.

Lloyd, you'll have to trust me on this, but fixed-gear bike jokes are funniest if you don't have any health insurance.

I owned a fixed gear bike once...

when I was 5.

garfield + humor = Get Fuzzy

Get Fuzzy is great. It was in our college newspaper for some reason.

Satchel is great.

I hate fantasy football. 3rd year in a row with the best regular season record. 3rd year in a row losing in the playoffs.

matt_T, see the light and ditch playoffs. My league has never had a playoff since 93 and we are so much cooler for it.

Kris, if you actually write 3 posts before spring training I'll be impressed.

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