Tonight's Questions

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pouting kid.jpgHey kids, let's put an end to this.

Someone buy me a new IPod. Same WoW Channel.

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The best offseason of his career? Please look up "sample size, small".

I'd like the Yankees to get Texiera so that CTC's assesment of the team as in "complete overhaul" is correct.

Holy Shit, the Dodgers chose Furcal.

Rue the day, Milano. Rue the day.

Furcal fucks frustrated Fans.

Frustrated fan says fuck Frank.

Get upset all you want but analraping Frank Wren won't get you anywhere, Matt.

Nor Frank Wrench. Man, the A's and Braves losing in battles for people they covet? What is this, 1981? The year of my birth?

Holy shit, I am DRUNJ (misspelled on purpose).

Kafka in his letters to his lover Milena was alive
But he was waiting for a love that never would arrive
Their rendezvous was
her husband was his friend

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