Tonight's Questions

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Hey kids, signals, calls and marches.

You all have a good evening. Same WoW channel.

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WHY would you take a greyhound to Florida? The airlines are still around.

Seriously, don't you make enough dough off this lucrative blog to spring for Jetblue?

I like the bus. I like seeing the country. It was actually $20 more than the cheapest flight I found.

I don't even like taking a bus for 20 blocks in Manhattan, screw 20 hours.

Public transportation is for jerks and lesbians.

DO you have enough urban whiskeyman country records to last 20 hours on the bus?

IS there a more appropriate soundtrack to solitary trip down I-95?

DID you get the new ipod you were after the other day?

E40 has a new album out called The Ball Street Journal. He reunited with B-Legit!!1!!

The last time I took greyhound an enormously fat woman wedged into the seat next to me. She was so big her fat flopped over onto me. She then opened a big greasy bag of fried chicken which she noisily sucked every last morsel off of. At some point in her lunch she spilled most of her soda in my lap. Also, she had B.O.

Enjoy your trip.


Bought it today, loading it now.


In my 4 years of college I criscrossed the whole country by Greyhound and logged over 25K miles. I think I sat next to that lady too.

So word on the street is the Sox got Tex for like 180 million.

Favorite part of MLB? Every team has a great chance at landing a huge free agent. Don't listen to jerks who claim it's only the sox, yanks and mets. They all lie.

BC, let's get wasted and send Rob and CTC mean emails about their teams.

Which street is that? ESPN AIN'T SAID IT SO IT AIN'T SO.

Also, does this mean we get David Ortiz back? I missed him for the last year and a half.

By the way, 'hammer, that was a shitty street full of liars, apparently. Was it Hamsterdam?

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