Weekend Questions

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Hey kids, only those who have dared to let go can dare to reenter.

That'll put an end to a week full of poorly-factchecked opinion pieces and thoughtful interviews with superstars. Thanks for reading and commenting; we'll see you on Monday.

(Picture of Carl Erskine singlehandedly bringing down Ebbets Field stolen from the good people at If Charlie Parker Was a Gunslinger)

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And if you're bored, check out the Mr. Ed Christmas Special from 45 years ago.

And here is a pic of Ebbets Field taken last week:


The same Wall Street that has completely and utterly failed?

May want to rethink that one Jonah

I'm starting to think the Yankees payroll may well be up on a par with some small countries gross national product.

The Yankees are just trying to use trickle down economics to improve our economy.

5 years, $82.5 million for Burnett. Uh, wow. JP's a genius!

Burnett’s wife doesn’t fly, and a three-hour commute from their Maryland home to New York was easier than Atlanta.

All women fly if you throw them hard enough.

Why didn't Lloyd do this weekend's questions?

Macaulay Caulkin's sister took flying lessons.

A.J. Burnett: A True Yankee.

I think I just offered Tex 8/165. Man, how drunk was I? I can't afford this for a company softball team.


Not nearly as drunk as I am right now. Raiders/Pats game in -200 degree rain? Fucking shit.

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