Athletics Abate Assumed Anabolic Abuser's Assets

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As per Buster Olney at, Jason Giambi is heading back to Oakland. He'll sign a one-year deal worth just $4 million with a $6.5 million option for 2010. There's a $1.5 million buyout, so let's just assume that Billy Beane is paying just $5.5 million for the right to upgrade his offense with a proven slugger.

Dave Cameron over at Fangraphs has Giambi worth about 2 wins above replacement; at the going rate of $4 million per win, the A's are getting quite a deal here. In fact, with Giambi, Milton Bradley and Pat Burrell signing under-market deals in the past two days and Manny Ramirez and Adam Dunn still unemployed, perhaps it's time to break out the headline "Miserable Masher Market Makes Many Moneyless".

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Cakies for everyone.

Elephant-emblemed earthlings entrust ex-enhancer exuberantly

Billy Beane Baits Bodacious Bopper with Bucks

Matt, if it were Billy Bean, it wouldn't be legal in California anymore.

Fartie's comment (re: Giambi bobblehead) from last night had me LOLing, I hope he's on the edge.


Tribe signs Carl Pavano, pitching worries are over.

End TJ

Wahoo can now finally realize his dream of starting a tendon farm.

Chief, does "TJ" stand for "Thread Jack" or "Tommy John"


Giambi back in the Bay? Hm. I hate him when he left, but like I tell my wife... we root for the laundry. The name on the front of the jersey is more important than the one on the back.

Marcel projections for 2009 have Giambi hitting .239/.359/.467 with 25 bombs and 79 RBI in 422 ABs. That is worth $4M in my book, especially since the alternative is Daric Barton.

Bournigal is Herb Brook's ghost

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