Bury Me Behind The Baggie Wall: Carl Pohlad Dies

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Big news out of Minnesota last night. The courts announced the results of their recount and apparently they declared that Carl Pohlad died. Wait I'm mixing up my news from the Gopher State. Carl Pohlad died of natural causes, not popular vote, but you'd never know it by the way some Twins fans talked about him over the years. A friend of mine that who roots for the Twinkies, and shall remain nameless, sent me news of his demise last night via text. With a smiley.

This AP Article spends a good chunk insinuating (in that way only the AP can) that he was despised by fans. Indeed, if the owner of my favorite team volunteered them for contraction in exchange for a buyout, I'd hold a little bit of a grudge too. Also, if some shady dealings and ransoms got him a new stadium financed mostly by the public, there may be a part of me that thinks it's payback that he doesn't get to see it open.

But those parts of me would only be the human animal part and not the logical part. We're not talking Vince Naimoli here. The Twins won 2 World Series while Pohlad owned them. Even after the contraction snafu they won 3 straight AL Central titles. Last year, in a free agent market that was nowhere near as crazy as this winter, they signed 3 players to $155 Million in extensions. If Pohlad wasn't a freespender he clearly knew who to hire to get the most out of every penny. Bill Smith was GM for 13 years, and in Tom Kelly and Ron Gardenhire, they've had 2 managers in 22 years. He clearly was a guy you could work for.

So listen, Twins fans. say see ya to an owner that made a bunch moves that ticked you off. But also say goodbye to an owner that oversaw the most successful era of any pro team in the history of the Twin Cities.

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I came here to make a baggie burial joke only to find it right in the headline.
Damn you, artist-formerly-known-as-CTC.

I'd say condolences to the Pohlad family, but dude was 93 and incredibly wealthy. While they may shed a few tears, they can dry them with their hundred dollar bills.

Fuck Hrbek

Wiki tells me that he got into banking by foreclosing on farms during the Depression, and now he has bought the farm himself.

Full circle HIYOOOOO

Headline in the KC Star: Miserly Baseball Team Owner Passes Away, Not Who You Want It To Be

"most successful era of any pro team in the history of the Twin Cities"

You forgot about the Minneapolis Lakers. They kicked ass in the 50's

BTW, Terry Ryan was the long time GM before Bill Smith took over late in 07

In memoriam, Ron Gardenhire just poured out some of his breakfast tallboy of Busch Light.

If memory serves, he made his fortune foreclosing on homes and farms. By most accounts, he was a real bastard. May God rest his soul.

He probably just found out that Morneau lost the MVP award to some punkass Red Sox twerp and died from the shock.

I'll never forget his instructional video: "Stroke That Ball to the Wall with Smokin' Pohlz."

A classic.

Hey Pohlad, save a seat in hell for Art Modell, will ya?

How can you talk great Minnesota teams and not mention the Vikings of the 70s? They were just like the Bills of the 90s, but totally forgetable!

Don't forget the Minnesota Skeptics.


Old Owner Only Owns One Other Object: Own Ouster

Hope they pry his butt cheeks apart and find $2mil worth of diamonds. Probably in his will to have them left in place.

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