JFK Throws Out First Pitch - 1961

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How about a Classic TV Friday? And a timely one at that. Tuesday is inauguration day, and while there figure to be decidedly fewer eggs thrown this time around it should still be pretty interesting. Below is a clip of a newly minted President Kennedy throwing out the first pitch for the Washington Senators' first game of 1961. And the Senators lose! History, in both sports and politics, often repeats itself . Please to enjoy.

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What's JFK's VORP? (Value over Replacement President)

One of the related videos at the end of the video above is this:

Babe Ruth vs. Walter Johnson in a charity showdown. The Babe was 48, Johnson 55. Still compelling.

Nowadays, who would we be able to wheel there that could still fill a ballpark? Bonds vs. Ryan? Gwynn vs. Charlie Hough? Shia Lebaueouiyf vs. Christian Bale?


I said "BRRR!" it's cold in here!
There must be some HOPE in the atmosphere!

/wants to kill 95% of the visitors to DC right now

Tell those syncophants to CHANGE into something warmer.

Syncophant: Kissing asses in unison with dyed blonde hair while being launched, gay, into space on a Russian spaceship dressed like a cup o' soup.

If I could go back in time and give JFK one piece of advice, it would be: duck!

Chief: Or to stop--in the parlance of their times--boinking Sam Giancana's lady friend.

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