J.P. Ricciardi Thinks You're All Terrible Parents

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Whilst Americans were busy watching yesterday's Macy's Inaugural Thanksgiving Parade and wondering why no one had told them about this "voting" thing before last year, it was business as usual in Canada. Dudes up there have like twenty parties and I think they can recall their PM anytime they think he's doing lousy. Don't hold me to that though. Ask Lloyd.

The Toronto Blue Jays chose last evening to have their State Of The Union address for season ticket holders. If this was akin to any of the soirees held in DC last night, then Blue Jays brass walked right in and peed in the punchbowl. Listen, you ingrates. It's a rebuilding year.

"I have a feeling that we are heading in the right direction," said (Jays CEO Paul) Beeston, who oversaw a drop in payroll from just under $100 million US last year to about $85 million this year.

"If we're not going to be at $120 million, we might as well be at $85 million."

Jays executives faced their season-ticket holders having lost Burnett to the New York Yankees as a free agent. The club will also enter 2009 without starter Shaun Marcum, who will miss the season because of elbow surgery. The economic downturn meant the team could not compete for free agents to replace them and prompted the club to begin promoting 2009 as a means to an end.

Just doesn't seem fair that the dadgum Economic Downturn gets to pick and choose who it affects. It leaves some teams alone so they can go out and scoop up all the free agents they want, and picks on unfortunates like the Blue Jays so they can't replace guys that leave. And everyone knows it's the same free spending teams that win year after year. Aw, shucks.

There's nothing inherently wrong with taking your team through a rebuilding year. It happens to the best clubs in all sports. As long as your team's leadership has a vision and unwavering commitment to see it through, your patience can be rewarded. Oops!

On the question of Ricciardi's contract, which ends in 2010, Beeston said he believes in the GM's plans and hoped that he would be part of the team for a long time.

Ricciardi, though, indicated he might not want to remain because of his family.

"My two boys are growing up and it's tough when you leave the house and your boys cry," said Ricciardi, whose sons are 12 and 10. "My No. 1 priority is to be a father, it's not to be a GM."

Hey, I understand that deep down a person's commitment to their family is supposed to trump their commitment to their job. But unless JP is talking about potty training Vernon Wells and Jesse Litsch, this probably isn't something he wants to say to a group of season ticket holders. Could be a contract ploy, could be a (well deserved) dig at ownership, but in any case I'm thinking once most Jays fans read this in the paper this morning, they wondered just who is steering this ship. If it really is a dig at management, things could get mighty contentious this season in the Toronto front office. Look for more borderline petulance from JP if things fall apart.

I anxiously await Richard Griffin's bombed retort.

(We owe an Evan Williams and Coke to Drunk Jays Fans.)

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If I'm a 12 year old boy, and my dad is the GM of a Major League Baseball team, I'm not crying when he leaves home.

I'm staring through him at the dinner table, then screaming "WHY DIDN'T YOU MAKE A MOVE FOR A NUMBER 2 PITCHER?!"

Billy Beane's kids wouldn't be crying when he left, they'd be developing new software to rate prospects.

"My two boys are growing up and it's tough when you leave the house and your boys cry," said Ricciardi, whose sons are 12 and 10.

Holy shit I hope he exaggerating, if not those kids need to harden the fuck up. My 3 year old daughter doesn't even cry that much.

boys don't cry

/The Cure'd

He's the GM for his kids' Little League team too. He traded their star pitcher for two fat kids and the hot dog lady.

Brian Cashman wishes he had it that good. His kids cry when he gets home.

You see, Canada's parliament is structured to allow a lame duck minority leader to blatantly lie to his base, stoke fears of separation while pretending he didn't jump into bed with the same people when it suited his needs.

Then, when the opposing parties vow to form a coalition to LEGALLY supplant the headstrong PM who refuses to work within the framework of compromise (holding the threat of another desperately unwanted election over the heads of those with the interests of their constituents in mind) associated with such minority gov'ts, he runs to the UNELECTED AND SYMBOLIC EMPTY POWER SUIT WHO'S ONLY REAL JOB IS ATTENDING SCHOOL OPENINGS AND ASSORTED GALAS. This "generally powerless representative of the Queen" then pulls the plug on the whole fucking thing, resulting in a two month recess from governance.

In other words, it's horseshit.

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