Milton Makes Move to Middle 'Merica, Makes Multiyear Money

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The dominoes are falling into place now. Oft-traveled outfielder Milton Bradley is about to sign a three-year, $30 million deal with the defending NL Central champion Chicago Cubs, as per MLB Trade Rumors.

According to ESPN Radio's Bruce Levine, the Cubs signed Milton Bradley to a three-year, $30MM deal. Bradley had a monster .321/.436/.563 line this year for the Rangers, but he spent only 165 innings in the field. This is the first multiyear deal of his career.

He's been an Expo, an Indian, a Dodger, an A, a Ranger, and now he's a Cub, at least until Chicago decides to trade him back to Cleveland to get Kerry Wood to return to Wrigley in 2010. That just makes too much sense to not happen.

Okay, MLB general managers: Jason Giambi, Bobby Abreu, and Adam Dunn still need work!

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Bradley Bids for Blagovich's Boos

He should get along really well with Lou Piniella.

Monarchs make melancholy Milton mega-millionaire; misunderstood muscleman mashes; mania might materialize

Alliteration is my specialty, however attention to detail is not. My headline would work if the Royals, not the Cubs, signed Bradley.

Except in certain parts of the Northwest Territories, where bears are worshiped as king-gods.

Well, bears are godless killing machines.

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