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Rocco Baldelli is welcomed to the Red Sox by an airport Hare Krishna.

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I respect Theo Epstein and appreciate his work ethic, but the camera really captured him at his smuggest.

Why is Ben Kingsley there?

A "gritty" ball player with a quirky name and from New England joins the Boston Red Sox. I wonder if ESPN will catch on to this story.

This is my favorite Sir Ben Kingsley video:

matt_T inquired what was happening in Oakland:

BART police (Bay Area Rapid Transit, our version of the Subway)handcuffed a man behind his back and had him on his stomach lying face-down. About 4 BART cops total. A full train was waiting on the platform to offload all the passengers, but couldn't because of the commotion. So everyone just sat onboard and videotaped the whole thing.

A cop had his knee in the guy's back and went for a taser (even though the guy was helpless). He then put his taser back, pulled out his gun, and shot the guy in the back. He died. You can see on the silent video that all the other cops looked at him like "what the fuck did you just do?"

So the head of the BART Police Union and a lawyer showed up that day with a resignation letter for the offending officer; thereby rendering him "untouchable" for interviews. Why they can't just arrest him, I don't know. Some kind of loophole. This is what pissed everyone off and cause a mass demonstration that quickly devolved into a riot. Basically, a cop kills a kid for no reason, and several days have passed with not even an arrest or interview.

I actually just found out: the riots were in part due to Giambi getting $4 million while Bonds is still available.

I can't look at u youtube from work but does it have something to do with the movie Cleaver

At least they did what any responsible community should do in that situation. Start setting shit on fire and throwing bricks at windows.


That's pretty screwed up.

Did you at least get a new TV?


It looked like most of the rioting was fomented and/or executed by professionals: anarchists, et al. I'm something of a casual expert, in that about 97% of these people live in Portland/Seattle, then pedal by BMX bike to whatever protest is happening, bandannas covering their faces the whole time.

They hijack protests, make the "real" protesters look bad, and take attention away from the issue at hand, in this case a pointless and fatal shooting.

Other than that, they're great.

Gorge is right. I actually had to drive through the riots on Wednesday night. Lots of people laughing and taking pictures; saw one car get tipped over. Apparently they lit dumpsters on fire too.

Very positive.

I was going to joint the rioting but realized I'd have to take BART across the bay.

I bet you would like to joint it, Mr. Panama Red.

I did notice on CNN a lot of white 20-somethings in black hoodies at the riot, which didn't really seem like the target demo.

Ben Kingsley..."Sexy Beast"..."my front bottom"


Remember the good old days when people would just drag their sofa out into the street and set it on fire to demonstrate/celebrate?

I hope you and yours stay safe during all of this, Farthammer. Good thoughts your way.

I miss the good old days when the East Village erupted into riots every summer.

BTW, who is the cancer patient?

@ Chief

Jon Lester

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