Place Your Bets: When Will Dubya Show Up at a Baseball Game?

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Today marks the last full day of the George W. Bush regime in Warshington, D.C., and a nation (70%) full of Obamaniacs couldn't be giddier. Like him or not (and if you're reading this Intertubes web-site, you probably don't), Mr. Bush did a great service to our national pastime both prior to his presidency and during it. The same man who famously traded Sammy Sosa to the Cubs also introduced the biennial tee-ball game to the White House lawn. The same fella who bought the Rangers for a song and sold 'em for a fortune showed up after 9/11 and single-handedly saved the World Series. Ol' Dubya intertwined the presidency with baseball as much as Clinton intertwined the presidency with public opinion polls.

So how much will W involve himself in baseball in the coming years?

Last week, our pal 'Duk over at Big League Stew told us that our Bush-as-commissioner fantasies were nothing but pipe dreams. Via the transcripts from Dubya's interview with creepy and ancient serial husband Larry King:

KING: If Bud Selig retires, which he probably will pretty soon, would you be commissioner?

G. BUSH: No, no.

KING: Would you get back into the game?

G. BUSH: No. I'm going to be a fan. I'll keep knowledgeable so I can hang in there with you when it comes time to talk modern, current baseball.

Shame, really. As poorly as Bush handled the country over the past eight years, he can at least play dumb and blame it on the other guy. Selig plays dumb and just shrugs his shoulders. So as George and Laura retire to their swank gated community somewhere outside Dallas, we can only expect that his first choice will be to return to Arlington to catch Michael Young and the Rangers sometime this season.

So WoWies, when do you think he'll finally emerge from the shadows and gladhand Nolan Ryan during a Rangers game? Before the All-Star break? After? The 2010 season? Or will he take a road trip to New York and check out the new digs in town?

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I think he should become the head of the players union and then bust that shit up.

The Nationals are going to sign him to be their closer.

I'd really like to see him become one of the racing pres-o-dents in D.C., lose every race, and become the new Teddy Roosevelt.

If the Rangers play on Father's Day this year, I'll go with that, and predict that both 41 and 43 will throw out pitches.

He'll first be spotted behind home at an Astros game with his dad on June 23 vs. the Royals.

Coco Crisp will go 0 for 5.

Darin Erstad will also go 0 for 5, but do it "with grit."

I would like to see him run the White Sox.

Spring training games.

Opening Day for the Rangers.

His great uncles influence can still be found in Flushing Queens.

I also bet he will hang with Joe Morgan and Jon "Verbal Barry Bonds Spammer" on Sunday Night Baseball.

As a Phillies fan, I would love for him to pull a Palin and come to Philly to throw out a pitch. And I'd LOVE if he hit the dirt with his throw!

He'll throw out the first pitch at the Giants' home opener....after never setting foot in San Francisco during his 8-year bungle-a-thon.

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