Tonight's Questions

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Hey kids, all human wisdom is summed up in two words -- wait and hope.

  • HOW will million dollar baby Carl Pavano fare in his new Cleveland Indians jersey? Financial terms have not been disclosed on the one-year deal, but anything over $2 million is absolute highway robbery.

  • WILL Jason Johnson find success with his ninth major league organization? He'll compete with Phil Hughes, Ian Kennedy, Alfredro Aceves, Kei Igawa, and the ghost of Wade Taylor to become the fifth Yankees starter.

  • WHY can't Andy Pettitte and the Yankees just get along? Seriously, a one-year, $10 million offer is nothing to spit at nowadays.

  • ARE any of our commenters roasting a chicken tonight like Chief Wahoo did last night? Let it dry out in the fridge first, use a lotta butter, and nuke the hell out of it.

That's it for today. Be good tonight! I stole that nifty picture from Gaetan Lee's Flickr stream.

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Two words: convection oven. It makes you the goddamn poultry master.

Pavano deal reportedly 1.5 million base and 5.8 in incentives.

That's some brilliant contract work by Shapiro.

Commenters Char Chicken with Cockeyed Counsel

I am sticking to my guns on not buttering your bird.

They aren't joke incentives, either. One of the big ones is 18 starts. Me likey.

Pavano made twenty-six starts for the Yankees. In four years.

I wish I had joke incentives at my work. I am telling them all the time.

We sign Giambi for 4 mill, but wouldn't sign Bonds last year for league minimum? I just sneezed, farted, and burped at the same time.

Shameless plug for NYC wow'ers:

My buddy Paul is reading from his new novel "Jack London in Paradise" this Thursday evening at the Tribeca Barnes and Noble.

I'll be handing out free fried eggs or six packs of beer afterwards.

Thomas Keller thinks the case of Butter">">Butter v. Olive Oil is out of order...the whole damned system is out of order. And he's really fucking famous for cooking.

My bird gets the holy trinity of Greek cooking: olive oil, lemon juice, oregano. About 2/3rds oil to 1/3 lemon. Shit tons of oregano. Also salt. And pepper to taste, if you have any.
For a bird that's cut up, wash, dry, throw in a large ziploc(TM) bag. Mix the above and pour into bag. Marinate. And make sure to seal the bag, dufus. Lay pieces on cooking pan and throw in oven at 350 for 65 minutes. Pull out. Marinate. Cook 5-10 minutes. Pull out. Let rest 5 minutes. Eat.

For a bird that's whole, lay fresh rosemary sprigs on the bottom of the pan. Stick a few sprigs in the bird cavity, along with lemon rinds and a small onion (peeled and cut, you idiots). Pour a small amount of water in bottom of pan. Cook 375 for 30 min. Take out, baste, and turn over. Cook 25-30 min. Take out, turn over, baste. Cook 5-10 min. Take out. Let rest for 10 minutes while you do shots of Wild Turkey. Eat.

Throw the methods out the window, the most important ingredient in Keller's recipe is:

One 2- to 3-pound farm-raised chicken

You can do all the fussing you want, but without a quality small bird, you're dead in the water.

I prefer Pterodactyl or a free-range Wyvern.

Is this roast chicken debate just a metaphor for Carl Pavano?

We're having chicken here. Boneless chicken breast to be exact.

Clare mentioned drying the bird last night, and that's good advice in order to see the skin crisp up. For a whole chicken, I always run it under cold water, first. Those things, even the free-rangers from reputable farms and stores, can get all kinds of gross stuff going. Cooking will usually kill what's on/in it, but rinsing is a solid extra measure of food safety.

Me and the lady are starting the pre-wedding diet. Plain chicken breast is going to be a treat for the next 2 months.

Fartie, I hope you're getting married before Opening Day. We don't need you being distracted.

I just made this, and spooned it over a pita full of grilled chicken. Not fancy, but delicious never the less. Oh, and totally good for you.

Tonight I made a soup with broccoli rabe and cannellini beans. The parmigiano-reggiano rind really filled out the broth.

I decided to skip the Seton Hall-Villanova game because we are supposed to get snow; now I find out that my dad is attempting the half-court shot at halftime to win a $500 restaurant gift certificate. I'm a boob.


UPDATE: He missed. He missed everything.

Is there video of this?

I'm making baked chicken, with a bit of salt.

That video never gets old. I think we may play it at our wedding, after the bagpiper but before the Chinese Dragon dancers.

You're getting married too? Jesus.

Got engaged to Ms. Wahoo on Dec. 26th. We had to celebrate Kwanzaa somehow.

I may have to tender my resignation as a WoWie. So long as I can fight it, no marriage will I see.

I am also cooking adverse. Tonight I'm having a handful of mini-pitas that I will dunk in spicy hummus. Maybe a glass of blueberry juice if I'm feeling oxidized.

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