Tonight's Questions

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odiebaby.jpgHey kids, you have to grow up.

  • HAS Jason Giambi had the best sandwich career of all time? It's gotta be better than Jared Fogel's because Subway sucks.

  • DO any of our Chicago readers read Steve Rosenbloom? If so, do you do it on purpose? I've bashed the moron before but he outdid himself today in a column about my boy Milton. I didn't write about it, and I'm glad because Ben Schwartz at CSTB did a comprehensive takedown of Rosenbloom and some other hacks.

  • UNSETTLING or whimsical?

  • WHAT in the hell is this TJ Simers column about? I'm not trying to be a wiseass. Someone please explain to me what he is trying to say. I'm totally lost. My hope is that it's intentionally murky so that you can put your own meaning on it like a Kaufman film.

  • WHY did my great-great-great-great-grandmother have to throw out my great-great-great-grandfather's baseball cards went he went to college? I could have been rich!

  • COULD Rinku and Dinesh be the greatest pitchmen in America? I say yes, sir.

That's all for the first Wednesday of the year. We'll see you back here tomorrow. Same WoW channel. You too, Odie Baby.

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It looks like Rinku and Dinesh are moonlighting as techincal support for HP.

I really hoped that Giambi article was about a sandwich created to honor his return to the bay, or perhaps a listicle of all the sandwiches devoted to him. So misleading.

Reggie Jackson had a better sandwich. This is due to him going to the Yanks and Angels before coming back. Therefore, it is like a club sando with bacon.

Bert Blyleven had a real messed up looking Sandwich. He was actually in spring training with the Twins is 93, that could have real club sandwich with three pieces of bread if he would have made the team. His announcing career would be the the frilly tooth picks.

Tom Glavine's sandwich is like a bologna sandwich, except the second piece of bread is that loaf-end piece that nobody eats unless absolutely necessary.

@fartie, don't all club sandwiches have bacon? I don't want a club that doesn't have bacon on it.

If Andruw comes back to the Braves his sandwich will consist of a piece of honeywheat bread, a layer of plantains, then a layer of shit for the 2nd piece

When I order my Dennis Eckersley career sandwich I always ask them to "hold that time he struck out Dwight Evans and pointed at him like a jerk."

And I also ask for it open faced so you can't see that he actually stared his career with the Indians instead of the Red Sox which no one remembers anyway.

Cal Ripken's sandwich involved him, his wife, Kevin Costner, whitefish, sable, capers, onions and cream cheese.

Also, they do it with the lights on.

Fernando Valenzuela's sandwich included three pounds of pork carnitas, a cup of queso fresco, and a massively ineffective Mexican League comeback at age 44.

I think Anthony Bourdain ate one of those in the No Reservations premiere

Nermal Baby will make an appearance once he gets back from Abu Dabi


Excuse me? No one remembers? A young Wahoo used to sit in section 110 in Municipal Stadium and root for Eck.

Kids these days.

mmm open face club sandwich

A Dave Wells sandwich consists of poptarts for the bread, and snickers and bacon inside.

Sandy Koufax uses bagels for the bread on his sandwich

Rickey Henderson ate a sandwich exactly like that when he played for the Mets.

One-day contracts with retired players = the Subway of career sandwiches.

Matt, I think Andruw would be very interested in the Chicago-invented jibarito. Only, don't tell him about it or he'll want to come play here.

Ray Lewis Lankford had a sandwich career.

Career leader in home runs a Busch Stadium II believe it or not.

Sure, we'd all like to simply buy a Sammy!-wich, but unfortunately the only way to order is through a series of nonsensical gestures, gape-mouthed Muppet smiles, and simple battery.

The Sammy! is brimming with delicious cork, juicy stanazolol, a miniature American flag and comes with two sides of retardation.

Yes, but who will make the inaugural class at the Hall of Sandwiches?!?!?!?

I got 2 cats tonight.
Whiskey and Ginger.


Ah, boys! I've spent the last half an hour catching up on the site since 2009 began and it was gold. All of it.

Frank Wren thinks you should trade those two kittens for a dead one.

And thanks, Dave.

Matt, your kitties are two fantastic shining points of light. Congrats!

I clicked on that Hall of Sandwiches link then just clicked "next" and read like the next 12 posts.

I'm bad at this now but I used to be really really bad.

Don't be so hard on yourself, Kris, you're still really really bad.

If re-reading, editing, and lamenting your old posts is wrong; I don't want to be right.

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