Tonight's Questions

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Hey kids, I am insulated.

  • DID you know that nearly 8% of MLB players have been diagnoses with ADHD? It's a convenient way to exempt a player from the greenie ban and the Philly City Paper blog has a great post about it.

  • HAS anything really changed in KC since they put a bunch of statheads on the front office payroll? Geoff Baker debates it in the wake of the Willie Bloomquist signing.

  • WHAT are the chances that this heinous attack was perpetrated by Bob, Bret and Aaron Boone?

  • ARE these guys insulting baseball? I tried to read the article but it's in Australian. If they are, I plan on firing back with: "Are Deer The New Kangaroos? Oh, snap!"

  • HAVE you figured out what you're getting Gramma for her birthday next month? Ahem, ahem.

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I love that Joker ski mask. My buddy likes to shop in convenience stores late at night with a ski mask on. Freaks the fuck out of the clerks. I know what I'm getting him for Christmas.

That shivering Aussie cricketeer clearly forgot that January in America is cold as shit. It's Northern Hemisphere time, all you Sheilas.

That player's technique is awful, does he not know to play with a straight bat?

If I hear one more person point to 1975-1986 stats for Jim Rice as the reason he gets in, I am going to shoot liquid poop through my shorts.

for fuck's sake, is there a message board out there that wahoo doesn't belong too?


Glen Beck's Taint:

That's an impostor. The only warp I understand involves Scotty and the engine room.

That was the most mesmerizing thread of all time. I lost 4 IQ points and don't regret it at all.


I shared your cakies recipe with my future mother-in-law. Including the note "batter will be thick, like my johnson", which I forgot was in there. Thanks.

Awesome Chief. Just tell her I own an extra thick Randy Johnson figurine.

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