Tonight's Questions

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Hiram Bocachica Fan Club
Hey kids, I did not know her name.

  • DO you think you have what it takes to be a racing hot dog in Cleveland? I believe in you.

  • DID you know that some people don't like my man, Richard Griffin? That's because they're making the cardinal mistake of looking to him for baseball insight instead of insane drunken ramblings. That's a good picture of him though.

  • HOW badly has Michael Young messed up with his actions of the past couple days. His pouting has only focused a harsher light on the fact that his skills are in decline and he's going to be making waaaay too much money for the next 4 years. How much longer does Jon Daniels have in Arlington anyway? That organization is a mess.

  • ARE you familiar with the time Jim Rice saved someone's life? If not, here's the story. Let's see Andre Dawson do that.

  • WHO will be the first Tigers fan with an authentic Fu-Te Ni jersey?
That's it from the Goodship Walkoff for today. Join us back here tomorrow for BONILLA and much more. Same WoW Channel.

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UPDATE: He's now Fu-Te Ekki-Ekki-Ekki-Pitang-Zoom-Boing.

Ni, Ni, Ni.

Free shrubbery promotion at Comerica next season

Yeah, well, I heard that one time Jim Rice actually saw someone drowning, and he didn't do anything, and then he went to a Phil Collins concert, and he was sitting in the front row, and then a spotlight shone on him, and Phil sang "In the Air Tonight" directly. To. Him.
/true story

If only the readers of the Toronto Star felt the same way out Dick Griffin that you do. Some fools take his word as gospel.

PS. I love the Bonillas

That kid on the right has his tongue-to-rest-of-sneaker ratio all out of whack. You shame Hiram Bocachica!

I love the music links, if anyone cares.

Better be Stadium Mustard on that racing hot dog in Cleveland!

Ah, the Rolling Stones. Nature's science experiment.

“Hello, my name is Kenshin Kawakami — y’all can call me Kenshin,” the 33-year-old Japanese star said to a room full of amused media members Wednesday at Turner Field.

Cox joked, “You ever hear of Rosetta Stone?” referring to a popular language-learning software.

Rickey and Rice on Letterman.

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