Tonight's Questions

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Hey kids, BACK OFF.

  • REMEMBER when I linked that burger from Eagle's Deli a couple weeks back? Well here's a video featuring Kevin Youkilis and some guy eating that thing.

  • IF Cuba has such an awesome baseball program and the embargo is lifted soon, could an MLB team in Havana be that far off? Man that's a good idea. I should write a whole post about that.

  • IS this Cubs sale ever going to be finished?

  • SINCE we've already discussed roasting a chicken, does anyone know how to cook a duck? I want to give it a shot.

That's all for today. Come back tomorrow for Fridayness. See you then. Same WoW channel.

(Picture of Tom & Son stolen from the brilliant Sexy People.)

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Why would you want to cook a duck when it's obviously wabbit season?

That kid should not have stolen his dad's hair

That's not his dad and they're not wearing pants.

That is the most realistic lego figurine I have ever seen.

Cris Hanson eat your heart out.

Nothing says father-son bonding like knockoff team sweatshirts.

Also, this is where Jeff Passan (and every single MLB beat writer) sleeps at night.

Sexy pics here.

So WoW just got blocked at my place of business for being a "personal/social networking site". I think this means if I want to keep reading at work we're all going to have to stop being all It's Complicated with each other.

It would be killer if those links worked.

Here you go.

I though about cooking a swan once, but then i realised i'd end up in the tower.

Instead of starting a new team surely The Sox would just move to Havana, if they sign Yadel and that other geezer half of the lineup would be Cuban.

MDT, does your place of work use an in-house blocking deal or one of the commercially-available web monitoring services?

I have been meaning to try this succulent-looking dish.

No, they're not wearing pants. They're wearing Zubaz.

Neither, Rob, they just have someone look over his shoulder.

Duck is fatty and gamey (just like me). Use fresh thyme with game. If you can get herbs de provence all the better.

Neither, Rob, they just have someone look over his shoulder.

Yeah. It's called GazooShield.

I think it's commercially available but we can filter inhouse (read: I have no idea.) I'll talk to our IT guys. Some blogs make it through and some don't (I can get to TBL but not Deadspin... so clearly there's no Taste Filter). Boss is a former athlete (and the fantasy leagues are viciously cutthroat) so generally sports stuff is okay.

Also I clearly need to link Rabbit Seasoning before anybody gets into pronoun trouble.

I made a notation in my will that I want the Looney Tunes theme played at my funeral.

Will you have "That's all folks" on your headstone Chief?

Just because I love it, here is a list of every reason David Banner turned into the Incredible Hulk:

Kris, if you're talking about a whole duck, I'd suggest the steam-then-roast method. Otherwise, the fattiness that phillas mentioned becomes an issue. As for gaminess, lots of people in south Louisiana, where I'm from and where duck hunting is a way of life, swear by using turnips, usually placed in the cavity of the duck during roasting. If it's a domestic bird, though, I don't think the turnips are necessary.

@ Wahoo

That list is highly amusing, but the fact that someone put it together in the first place, is beyond hilarious.

The Cubs will be sold to some unknown guy, who then will sell it to Mark Cuban for 1 million Taco Bell burritos and 1 million Dairy Queen Blizzards made by Cuban himself.

And if Cuban does get it, he will inevitably beat good ole Lou for the number of ejections for the season.

Fantastic Phillies Find Free-agent Fielder, Fork over Funds, Find Feasible Fill-in For Fearsome... Utley.

Shouldn't Mark Cuban just wait and purchase the new MLB team in Havana? The Havana Cubans. It would satisfy all of his megalomaniacal urges.

Because Cuba's economy is so much stronger than Montreal's (or San Juan's).

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