Tonight's Questions

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Hey kids, East coast girls are hip.

  • SINCE CNN is asking Kenyans how excited they are that Obama is going to be president, does that mean MASN is going to ask me how I feel about the Nick Markakis signing?

  • WILL you tune into MLB Network tonight to get the first news of the WBC rosters? I bet you are then you're going to hold it over everyone's head like you're sooooo special. Well you're not.

  • DO you feel bad for Leo Mazzone? He's just had too many woulda coulda shouldas, you know? He's sick and tired of being sick and tired.

  • ARE you picking up Merriwether Post Pavillion tomorrow, or am I the only person in America that was interested in this record and hasn't already DL'd the leak?

  • ARE you ready for your annual, "Where is Bo Jackson now?" newspaper piece? I don't think America's ever really come to terms with how much we miss this guy and how much of his greatness injury robbed us of. That has to be the explanation for each metro paper in the country to run one of these every year. And why I still read each one.

  • WILL you join us in sending Don Zimmer well wishes on a speedy recovery?

I know many of you are excited for tomorrow's inaugural festivities. I am too, but not as much for who's coming in, but for who's leaving. You did one heck of a job, Bushie. Don't let the door hit you on the way out.

Is it still freezing everywhere? If so, stay warm and we'll see you all back here tomorrow. Same WoW channel.

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Greek Gets Greenbacks: Gouges on Gyros

Oh yeah, and I'm going to pick up Merriweather Post Pavillion tomorrow. And the new Bon Iver.

Markakis Makes Much Moolah, Makes Many Marylanders Mirthsome

Animal Collective is being prescribed for insomniacs. True story.

I've started blogging about my incredibly exciting life. Lots of pictures, so it's not that hard to get through:

Chief, looked at the picts and was mighty em-pressed. Good luck. Hope your run is better than our departing Commander in Chief who is a Wahoo.

Those are some beautiful pictures Chief. You have quite an eye.

Even more impressive since your fiancee must be blind.


I am now following your tumblr. Oh yeah

Thank you for having a real Tumblr that is interesting to read, Chief. The rest of us could learn a lot from you.

tumblr more like dumblr

my tumblr is the worst site on the internet.

Awww, you boys are sweet.

Apparently my ancestral homeland is now claiming Obama as well. This is getting out of hand.

In the seven minutes that it took me to scour Chief's tumblr, I have a newfound awareness of exactly how plain and ordinary my job/life is.

I don't know if I should be more impressed with Chief's pictures, his job, or the fact that he decided pounding a beer in front of an alcoholic was the right move.

Chief, that's really nice work. I love the alcoholic dinner story.

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