Tonight's Questions

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baby-lobster.jpg Hey kids, the Southern Girls with the way talk.

Alright, friends. Enjoy your evening. If you have time tonight check out commenter Chief Wahoo's Tumblr. Good stuff.

We'll see you tomorrow. Same WoW channel. You too, Lobster Baby.

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Chief, if you can keep up the posting pace of your first two days, that Tumblr is going to become very, very popular. Love the pictures, and you are a talented storyteller. Great stuff.

I prefer the Northern Girls with the curds talk.

No one pushed him in cause he can't swim.

Rinku and Dinesh have been meeting with Barry Bonds sir and going to a Wedding Festival where JB sir gave them the "neck rope."

Speedy Shane Scoops up Smackers, Skips Scary Salary Sit-down

Thanks a lot for the plug and all the kind words. Will do my best to keep it going. I have 20 years of rampant irresponsibility in the film business to draw from.

In case anyone cares to Obamify themselves, or lobster baby, or a LOLcat:

@ Chief: I usually can't decide between "Mmmm... strippers" or "Mmmmm... donuts." You sir, have found a solution.

Jeff Francoeur and the Braves were $1.15 million apart when the sides exchanged salary-arbitration figures Tuesday, the largest difference between the team and its three unsigned arbitration-eligible players.

This is after Frenchy hit .239 had 11 HR and slugged .359. He wants almost 4M.

But he's got a great ARM!!! And he's from Atlanta.

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