Tonight's Questions

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Hey kids, stupidity is not a handicap in politics.

That's it for today. Until tomorrow, my fine-feathered friends, when we'll throw some more BONILLA right in your face. Moo and Oink video purloined from Save vs. Death.

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Nate McLouth may have stolen a Gold Glove, but he was a 3 win player last year. Hometown discount plus grown ass blond man discount equals the Pirates are an unfunny joke.

So, 'Duk isn't taking the addition of Steve Phillips to Sunday Night Baseball very well...

Neither is Jon Miller

There's a yahoo! commenter below that 'Duk post, named Smitto. Smitto is pure awesomeness: an actual pro-Joe Morgan diatribe as if written by the spawn of T.S. Eliot and a retarded nutria.

Smitto is Dave Concepcion

Did Smitto try to write that comment in iambic pentameter?

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