Tonight's Questions

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Hey kids, fax back.

  • IS your favorite college baseball team ranked in the Baseball America Pre-Season Top 25?

  • DO you think Brett Favre and Curt Schilling are kindred spirits or do they think of one another as copycat hacks? Although I do give credit to Schill for saying he doesn't think he should be in the HoF. Kind of refreshing.

  • WHAT will Jason Varitek use to kill Scott Boras: A gun, a knife, or a snow globe.

  • WHAT is the point of this new front office management video game I keep seeing advertised? It's been a little while since I've played, but dont all the new generation baseball games let you run the front office anyway? Someone oughta mail one of these to Jim Bowden*.

  • ARE you familiar with the Akron Family? Well, they're yet another one of my favorite bands skipping Boston on their upcoming tour. Fine, guys. I get it.

And another successful B-K-F-S-T becomes one for the record books. Join us back here tomorrow as we put the week to bed. Same WoW channel.

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Strikeouts are boring. Besides that they're fascist . . . so keep doing it.

"Today I have imprisoned fourteen political dissidents in your honor, so I'm expecting a four-seamer on the black, Nancy."

I love baseball video games, but I'm not sure about that Front Office Manager. I watched the demo vid-zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

Part of the Front Office Manager game will be trying to keep your 12 year old son from crying.

I prefer Lee Corvallo's Putting Challenge.

I'm with Chief. Bonestorm II was overrated.

The Polios and the Scurvies put in strong bids as well, but were easily defeated.

The Wii version of that FO game is gonna be a killer.

The Wii version of the FO game is gonna be a killer.

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