Tonight's Questions

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Hey kids, I'm goin down to Rosemarie's. She never does me wrong.

  • CAN Jason Varitek possibly be happy with the way this contract stuff is going down. There's a deadline set for Saturday, but man this has been one ugly draw out.

  • IS there a swear jar in the Dodgers' front office? Well they better put one in, Lee Elia just got hired!

  • WHEN someone offers you a joke do you just say 'No thanks?'

  • WANNA go to the new Negro League Museum with me?

  • WHY are Royals fans so so excited about the Zack Greinke signing? Well because everything's relative, and they just made their best deal in a long time. Investing in their best young talent for 4 years at market rate is a big step for that club.

Thanks for shopping with us. We're open tomorrow too. Same WoW channel.

(Photo stolen from the Austin Area School District.)

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Yes. Yes. That is exactly it. Yes. Greinke makes the team worth watching every five days.

Why must you steal from the children Kristopher? WHY??

Plus, Greinke's honors dissertation on the films of Brad Pitt is nearly complete.

WHAT do you think of the sketches of the Marlin's new ballpark? They have a certain "never-gonna-happen" feel to them.

Setting aside the fact that the first time I'll set foot in Baltimore will be on my way to vandalize Art Modell's grave, there already is a Negro League Museum.

Is the broken dam in remembrance of the fallen John Updike?

Less than half an hour til the online qualifying test for jeopardy. If you want to compete for the right to lose to me it's

Wahoo, I am doing it Thursday night.

I'm taking you down, Chief.

Oh, there's a Jeopardy test?

Walkoff Walk, the blog with the highest percentage of wannabe-Jeopardy contestants among its readership.

Fear my Potent Potables skillz bitchez

That was not promising. I had 25, maybe.

Whoops...I thought the singer who recorded an album under the pseudonym "Sasha Fierce" was Madonna. I still think I got 40 right tho.

I was nearly dry-humped by Johnny Gilbert at a party in the summer of '94.

40, seriously? I suck. Of 50 questions I knew 26 and might have gotten another 5 right, tops. That was tough. Embarrasingly enough I did know who Sasha Fierce was.

Not sure if I got "dinesen" down in time. Think they will accept "dinese"?

As long as you didn't write Isak Dinesh, you're okay.

Tell me all the questions in case they use the same ones. I'll get 50 right and then get totally exposed in the next round of testing.


It took me a while to figure it out, but all 50 of my questions involved the music and films of Jennifer Lopez. I suggest you watch all of her movies.

It's funny, I aced the test in college and then got thrown into an audition on campus. I was put in a faux game where I quickly crashed and burned because I have zero personality and no skill with the buzzer.

I have zero personality and no skill with the buzzer.

Yeah, Saldawg mentioned that.

I have zero personality and no skill with the buzzer
Talking with my ex, eh?

My buddy's brother was a finalist to be on the show and he said it's all about timing. If you buzz too early you get frozen out for a few seconds.

U-Turn and Moneytrain feature sex scenes with Lopez back when she was super pasty and actually looked like a normal latin girl.

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