Tonight's Questions

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Hey kids, I'm a runaway.

  • LOOKING for some good George Mitchell jokes? Well I can't help you, but here are some terrible ones.

  • WILL Jerry Manuel's naked pleading for Manny do any good?

  • HAVE you always wished that your video games had more David Lee Roth in them? I never have because I can't stand the bastard, but this VH version of Asteroids is still pretty nice.

  • WHAT does the acquisition of Aaron Heilman mean to the Cubs? I don't mean on a baseball level, I mean on a profoundly spiritual one.

  • WHAT'S next for snow artist Cards fans? Maybe an ice sculpture of Aaron Heilman giving up a go ahead tater tot.

  • DO you think this All Free Agent Team could make a run at the playoffs? I say we give em a chance. Their home park can be Scott Boras' front yard.

  • IF Joe Torre claims his new book isn't "a tell all" then we should believe him, right? Even if he squawks like a canary about Johnny Damon's teammates hating him.

Tomorrow you get your largest, and second to last BONILLA of 2009 so stretch. You're gonna need to be limber to read the whole thing. See you then. Same WoW channel.

(Cincinnati Red Stockings photo circa 1868 courtesy of Yesterprints)

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The guys that own Yesterprints also own a Jon Lester photo archive called Mo' Lester Prints.

Those guys play at the park and like to tell me that I don't know anything about "real" baseball.

Are you sure that's not Pedroia's brother's photo archive?

Pedroia's brother is interested in those prints, Kris.

You know what they say, "Great minds go instantly to the kiddie porn dungeon jokes."

kiddie porn dungeon jokes
What do you think the bats are for, Colonel?

Pretty sure that's Unsilent Majority impersonating that TBL jackass. It's a near perfect satire. Almost...too perfect...

It's great, I know that much. It's like if Peter King and TBL had a Twitter baby.

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