Tonight's Questions

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Hey kids, you're supposed to turn it on to make it work.

That's it for today. Come back and join us tomorrow as we finish off the BONILLA projections with two bookend entries, and approach a very special date in Walkoff Walk history.

(Tigers fantasy camp photo courtesy of Tom Hagerty and

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I noticed on the Philly map in my office that there's a tiny local town in Bucks County, PA named "Rich Hill." There's another town in western PA known as "Richhill."

No word on which town is more disappointing, or if either has as many broken dreams as the man they share a name with.

Is tomorrow when we finally find out whatever happened to joe2781?

Dave Bergman had a fine mustache. Damn near Brewers-esque.

I didn't wash my hands after I tinkled.
I licked them clean.

It's sterile, you know.

You can drink your own urine. Of course, you can also drink an appletini, and I wouldn't do that, either.

I don't wash my hands with antibacterial soap, but I do use it when I freebase. It's the only thing that gets me off anymore.

Is Mike Sweeney trying to beat out Jose Vidro for the Seattle DH spot?

Rinku's favorite song:
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