Walkoff Walk's Year in Review: Our Top Ten Posts

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Most blogs and newspapers we read do their year-end nonsense during that week between Christmas and New Years, when there are usually few breaking news items and even fewer people reading. Not us. We took a big fat break and didn't think far enough ahead to do a year-end review until now. After all, we're not exactly a forward-thinking blog here: we still haven't done our "Top Players of August" post.

So on that note, here are the top ten most viewed blog entries during the eleven months of 2008 that Walkoff Walk existed, in reverse order:

  • 10. Rinku Singh and Dinesh Patel: The Walkoff Walk Interview: Our own Kris Liakos has been on the Rinku and Dinesh beat longer than any other blogger in the baseballblogosphere, and he was rewarded last month with an interview with our Indian heroes. Still, it's too bad Kris didn't ask them about the trucks.

  • 9. 2008 MLB First Year Player Draft: The Liveglog: Back in June, I decided it would be quite the lark to liveglog the amateur draft. Despite the fact that I knew nothing about the players and even less about scouting, I pretended I knew what I was talking about and chugged along. This was not the first time we blogged about the Dodgers' first-round pick, Georgia high-school pitcher Ethan Martin.

  • 8. The Case for Expansion: Perhaps this was the piece I was most proud of during the season. I did actual research and spent a good deal of time putting together a listicle of the top destinations should MLB decide to expand. I even resisted listing North Jersey as the #1 item in the list.

  • 7. Incoming: Conspiracy To Drill High School Ump In Face?: Because, you see, Ethan Martin was the brother of the pitcher in the famous video of the high school pitcher beaning the home plate umpire. Perhaps you remember when the catcher called for the high hard one and then ducked when the fastball came over the plate. It was a huge video in the baseballblogosphere and one of the top YouTube sports clips in the month of June.

  • 6. Umpire Face Beaning Update: The Consequences Of Folly: Even the update post got a lot of pageviews.

  • 5. Yankee Fans Decry Brian Cashman's Inability to Predict Future: Anytime Kris writes about the Yankees, it's a big story. Not because he's a Red Sox fan, but because Yankee fans are a selfish folk and crave coverage of their favorite teams like Rush Limbaugh craves hillbilly heroin. So back in April, Kris shamed Yankee fans for criticizing Brian Cashman and correctly forecasted that 2008 would be a wash for the Bronx Bombers because they passed on Johan Santana. Good for him.

  • 4. Dey Took Our Jerbs: Starters Moving to the Bullpen: One of our first listicles! I think the only reason this post got a lot of hits was because I did it in April, got linked by Deadspin, and included a dated quote from an episode of "South Park" in the blog title. I'm so clever it hurts.

  • 3. Anyone Know If There's An In-N-Out In Peoria, AZ??: Back in March, we noticed that all the beat writers we read in our RSS readers were including shoutouts to their favorite spring training dining destinations. We also noticed that almost every single one of these guys talked about the In-N-Out in Peoria as if it were Mecca. This pretty much cemented our reputation as a food blog disguised as a baseball blog.

  • 2. Joe Morgan Besmirches Ernie Banks, Is Completely Wrong: This wasn't exactly original content on our part; I only reported what I read on other blogs. But hey, that's the nature of the baseballblogosphere and this ended up being one of our most-linked-to pages of the entire season. Joe Morgan said something incorrect about Ernie Banks and then got taken behind the woodshed by bloggers and beat writers everywhere. We were just in the right place at the right time.

  • 1. Mostly Naked Woman At Skydome!: And our number one most-visited blog post of the year included the word "naked" in the title and featured a picture of said woman. Again, not original content, but if this doesn't speak about the nature of the ENTIRE INTERNET, then I don't know what does. In fact, to increase traffic in 2009, we are going to append the following words to every single blogpost: "OMGLOL NUDIE HANNAH MONTANA LOLCATZ OBAMA".

This post is already our most-viewed entry of 2009.

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I can't believe the Very Naked All Star Game Liveglog didn't make the cut.

How is the cakies post not up there?

I just had a seizure when I read "All Star Game Liveglog."

What, no love for the first shrimp video?

Our most popular liveglog, actually, was Tuffy's ALCS Game Five liveglog.

More naked listicles in 2009! Recipes, too!

After "walkoff walk", the most commonly used search term that led folks to our webpage was "shaving games".

I'll show myself out...and into the barely legal college girls dutch oven!

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