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Hey kids, that's no way to say goodbye.

That's it for us this week. But rest assured we're working all weekend. Walkoff Walk's in-depth 2009 preview starts Monday, and the first leg of it is pretty special if I do say so myself.

Stand up, New York. Same WoW channel.

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Frost/Nixon is excellent. Especially the flashback where Cate Blanchett plays Nixon and a 10-year-old black boy plays Deng Xiaoping.

Killface plays Henry Kissinger.

You ever catch a CroMags gig? Best hardcore band ever.

I once got a boot to the face from some jackass crowdsurfing at a Saves the Day concert. That's why I stay home and listen to Byrds records now.

I prefer Cannibal Corpse.

If anyone starts crowd surfing at a show I'm at I punch them in the kidneys.

I also called a woman a cunt at a Justin Timberlake concert.

Baaaaahahaha. You got hurt at a SAVES THE DAY show??

mT, I did the same thing at an Indigo Girls concert.


As a veteran of many shows I have a better method. Just grab them by the boot and thrust your arm in the air. Sends them tumbling to the floor face first.

Make sure to put an "X" on each hand, Liakos. But don't let them see you drink a beer or you are even more trouble.

Is that painting a Guardi or a Turner? I can't remember.

I just clicked that Madball link and I don't think Kris should go to whatever he's going to.

I thought that "Madball" might be some kind of awesome local Boston version of Fun House or something, and that "the pit" was some sort of huge contraption filled with prizes or slime or both.

I am also 12.

I thought he was going to play basketball with trampolines. And I was going to be very jealous because they don't have that where I live.

@ j. gravy

Guardi. Good eye.

@ Rob


"The Braves pulled out the stops, from what I hear, preparing a video presentation for Lowe and Atlanta-would-love-to-have-you messages from several country music stars (he’s a big country fan) including Alan Jackson."

So he's going to sign with... The Titans?

Can I still post?

And at least Bob Uecker doesn't look half bad for a senior >_>

How was Madball? Did it have you thinking back to when you were a kid? Times have changed so much since then. Your all grown up gotta do for yourself.......

Wahoo, I saw the Cro Mags on my birthday right after I watched Aaron Hill hit a walk off home run to end a game in which Rocco made a sliding catch right in front of me. It was a good day.

Madball was a good time. The old stuff sounded great. The new stuff is a kind of a brodown, but whatever. Still had fun.

Their current drummer was in the Cro Mags and also drums for Bad Brains now.

Reminding me that there is one better hardcore band than the Cro Mags, and that is Bad Brains.

According to DOB the Braves will announce the signing of Kenshin Kawakami either tonight or tomorrow

So, the Red Sox nab Takashi Saito. And "re-sign" Mark Kotsay. The East, she is ours now. *audible sigh.

Jamie Kotsay does not belong to one team. She is everyone's to cherish.


In my trying to be unbiased opinion (seriously), the Red Sox have had as good an offseason as any team in baseball. I mean that.

Their needs were way less than most and they've improved depth in the field, the lineup, the rotation and the bullpen. Still a glaring hole at catcher, but they've done well.


I love the offseason they've had. I really do. I think the bench and bullpen might be the best in the league if the injuries are minimal. I'm not the biggest fan of the Saito signing-- I think it is low risk, low reward with a league change on top of an injury-plagued elbow. That was the audible sigh. I told my dad yesterday (when I could get him to stop talking about his new dog) that I loved signing three guys (now maybe four/five) with some upside for the same price as an AJ Burnett, Derek Lowe, CC.

I'm with you. I just don't think Saito and Kotsay were a big deal. I liek Bailey in the outfield, but with Lowell possibly not ready for the beginning of the season, I see the idea behind getting a 1st base backup and having Youker at third. i should post all this on my own goddamn blog, I guess.

Are the Braves getting Lowe or not? I'd love to see him at the "Andruw Jones Memorial Stripper Pole" in downtown ATL.


So...six weeks unemployed.
My aunt offered to call some friends of the family and get me a job as a bartender...at their strip club.
You can't write this stuff.

We'll pay you $0.02 per clever comment, phillas.

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