Weekend Questions

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Hey kids, our producer is Doug The Subway Fugitive Bongo Boy Berman.

That's all for us this week. Tune in next week for some more of that good ol' fashioned BONILLA flavor.

Vintage Jim Rice photo from Spring Training in 1986 taken by Flickr user Apollo13MA.

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Ask yourself: Did you cheer Roger Clemens when he pitched?

Nope, he didn't pitch for my team and I thought he was a jerkface before the steroid scandals.

That, however, is a parent problem. Parents should be involved with their children. They should pick their own sports heroes carefully. Dikembe Mutombo, Tony Dungy and Tim Tebow immediately come to mind.

I'll give him Dikembe Mutombo, but Tony Dungy hates gays, so I'm not sure how that makes him a good role model, and Tim Tebow is a Gator, so he molests collies.

So, were the BONILLA projections put together by Marge Innovera?

Why? Because of his off-field exploits? Please. If everyone who did that was persona non grata, the country would grind to a complete halt. Physician, heal thyself. That story was not something that should have ever been public. It has nothing to do with anything.

You see, to me, that translates as: "I, too, have committed statutory rape."

Best quote from the comments in that ridonkulous Fred Faour column?

Everly Waverly: "Does it make sense now, shot yes. Do I have the same respect for these cheaters, flip no!"

Non-swear swearing is sexy and Everly just saved him/herself 50 cents from going in the swear jar. Buy yourself a Kit-Kat, Everly!


Instead of using ridiculous stand-ins for her swears, perhaps she could have gone with "heck yeah" or "shucks no."

I bet Everly has several candy bowls at it's house, filled with odd blue hard candies that nobody likes.

Very excited

I bet Rice hit into a doubleplay at that AB.

I honestly lok forward to the World Baseball Classic, however I think India clearly deserves their own team.

That those guys on Car Talk laugh at the joke no matter how many times the other guy says it is truly a force of nature. I do like Mohammed Ahammedahammeda, though.

There are very few comedy standbys in my life. Car Talk is undoubtedly one.

Anyone heard Eulogies before? This band is killing me right now.

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