Your Official Presidential Inauguration Chit Chat Post

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Because we're all too busy watching and listening to Barack Obama's Big Inauguration Day today, your afternoon post will simply consist of the above image stolen from Big League Stew about the possible Obama-themed White Sox hat. Not available at a store near you!

If you want to check out the inauguration yourself, head over to because they're streaming the whole shebang live. Feel free to share whatever thought you might have in the comments, whether it's baseball-y or president-y or even about your favorite hoagie sandwich. Freedom of Commentdom is our First Amendment.

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Obama is The Sox's fifth starter, true face.

Too much religious crap for my liking.

True fact*

I can't type.

Thanks to Obama people in Chicago found out they have a second team

My gyro has too many onions. This is not change I can believe in.

But can Yo Yo Ma play a Jew's Harp?

Terrific speech. Almost makes up for breaking the intertubes today, Mr. President.

Best Buy actually had the new Animal Collective.

That made my day.

Obama is being inaugurated today? Why am I just finding out about this?

And for the record my favorite sub/hoagie/grinder is a nice Italian mix (salami, capicola, pepperoni and provolone with peppers and dressing.)

I'm Tivo-ing the festivities for a friend so I'm not watching it. Gasp!

The speech was good, but I think his election night speech was more instantly gratifying.

I think the text of this one will prove to be more impressive than the actual delivery (which was also good).

My sub is a turkey and bacon with the works and sprouts.

I'm breathlessly awaiting the Mike Francesa analysis of the speech. My sandwich is a mufaletta.

You gotta give him credit, Mikey.

I realize I am supposed to give a shit about all this, but I just can't. Am I supposed to think the new guy is NOT a politician?

I missed the speech due to classes.

Pepperoni melt from Cousin's Subs for me.

I'm with Fartie.

The fundamentals of Rob's gyro are strong. Nation of Whiners, indeed.


If my shoes don't have bootstraps, however will I pull myself up?

Everyone knows the best sandwiches are made of thin-sliced prosciutto, fresh mozzarella, lettuce, tomato, and a touch of oil and vinegar. And puppy dog tails.

I'm poor so I'm eating the half of the five-dollar footlong I didn't eat yesterday.

Thanks a lot President Bu-


Two! Two dollar fifty! Two dollar fifty six-inch longggggg!

@Matt and Fartie
Agreed, fake wrestlers and "comedey" writers make the best politicans.

Right now I'm devouring my own creation:
turkey and cranberry with spring mix, rolled in a flour tortilla with cream cheese spread.
Although The Colonel's sub sounds mighty tasty.


The only politician I will ever respect is a clone of Theodore Roosevelt. Or the President from Idiocracy.

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