Alex Rodriguez Presser Liveglog Starts Now at the Stew

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Join me and blogger Kevin Kaduk (and countless others) for the official Big League Stew liveglog of the Alex Rodriguez press conference right now at Yahoo!. I'll be providing my pro-Yankee, pro-ARod, pro-pharmaceutical biases and hopefully a few tater tot jokes. YOU CALL THIS JOURNALISM?

Screw it, we live commented instead.

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Someone needs to get Duk a clock.

this thing ain't starting for a few more minutes they just announced.

It's starting now.

The press conference, not the liveglog. That thing is DOA.

mic the mic, not mike the person. LOL!

fuck it, liveglog it here.

Rootin Tootin Hootin!

Alex dragged Don Hooton into the whole mess.

I just hope he doesn't cry.


Gene Orza tipped him off in late 2004 that there was a positive test result from 2003.

when in doubt, blame the ignorant cousin.

Wait, what was the substance he took?

My neck! My back! My neck and my back.

here comes the tears!

No follow ups? Funk this guy.

stay in school, say no to drugs.

Someone asked him what the benefit of the substance was, and A-Rod answered that he didn't know, then implied that perhaps it had some sort of placebo effect.

Someone asked him if it was cheating, and A-Rod said that's not for him to decide.

Kepner asked A-Rod about Jamie Moyer's negative comments regarding Alex's lack of cred. A-Rod: "I'm sorry Jamie feels that way."

George King asked what his cousin's name was and who transported the drugs from the D.R.

A-Rod: I'm not going to say his name, but he was the one who transported the drug.

everyone knows that the best steroids come from the Dominican Republic

John Thomas (ABC in Tampa): how do you address parents now?


A-Rod: I hope that kids would not make the same mistake I made. HEY LOOK! ITS DON HOOTON! I do plan to have several conversations with Don and join forces with him and MLB.

Asking a baseball player that was drafted out of high school how steroids works is only slightly more embarrassing than asking for the definition of "is."

A-Rod's biggest excuse: he was young and stupid and didn't know what he was taking. The drug was over-the-counter? QUE?

There's a wrong way to take steroids? Did he smoke 'em?

I'm pretty sure every drug is over the counter in Latin America.

Has anyone asked why he "stopped" using?

Mark Feinsand asked about the home run record and the $30 million in incentives if he approaches it. Is your record tainted?

A-Rod: Look, I'm trying to get by today, it's been a difficult several weeks. I'm here to take my medicine. (ZING) I'm sure there will be a lot of debates about everything I did in that period.

Does Don Hooton throw a knuckle curve, too?

Hannah Storm: did you ever experiment with HGH or amphetamines?

A-Rod: I used to take ____ that since has been banned by MLB and removed from the shelves at GNC.

Rip Fuel?

He said that he loves his teammates and this will be the best season of their lives.

"it will be the best season of our lives"

I think I just shed a tear at that one.

Gordon Edes: Roy Oswalt said that your numbers shouldn't count for anything, you cheated me out of the game, yada yada

A-Rod: I'm sorry Roy feels that way. Everyone has their opinions and their beliefs. Sorry he feels that way.

Some chica asked a question in Spanish. How dare you.

There is no Spanish word for steroids? Bullshit.

Yes, it fucking does need a translation. I don't speak Spanish.

Como se dice "steroids" en Espanol? El steroids.

Jack Curry: Because of your status, have you given any consideration to submitting yourself to more testing?

A-Rod: No.

Maybe someone from The Washington Post can ask him about Pres. Obama's stimulus package.

Kat O'Brien: Texas was loosey-goosey. Want to snitch on anyone? Go.

A-Rod: Overall, it was a diff. culture. Weren't as many questions asked. Less scrutiny. My mistake had nothing to do with Texas, it was my stupidity.

Did Joel Sherman just say 2 times a month for 3 years equals 36 times?

Scott Miller, CBS Sports: 46% of USA Today readers don't believe you. What does that say about you? Also, respond to Bud Selig.

A-Rod: I certainly made a mistake and I respect Bud alot. I feel poorly. Other allegations? Hey, people will always say things. When I was 17 I benched 310 lbs so I could get a free varsity jacket when i was poor. Suck it, USA Today readers.

Bob Klapisch: why didn't you disclose all the info with Gammons last week?

A-Rod: Good question, Bob! I just wanted to get the truth out there early. Didn't want to state any non-factual info so I held onto the details and sat down with my people to reveal the facts nine days later.

Re: Scott Miller

A-Rod: Newspaper poll takers are the dregs of the earth. Next question.

So how much ya bench?


A-Rod: I reached out to Katie 10 days ago to apologize. I wasn't honest with myself so it was hard to be honest with Katie.

AP guy: describe the first time you were injected

A-Rod: At the time I had no regrets. (audio drops out)

46% of USA Today readers also believe it is not news if they didn't read it in a pictograph.

Ron Blum: "Describe the first time you were injected."

that was a loaded question

Canadian guy from TSN: shouldn't your stats from 2001-03 be wiped out?


Who let the guy from TSN in? I thought Canadians weren't allowed.

A-Rod: "I made my bed, now I have to sit in it."

and maybe sleep in it

At the time I had no regrets. But the next morning I couldn't look the guys in the showers the same way. Haven't been right since.

So how much ya bench?

How much do you weigh?

"I wasn't honest with myself..." has to be the lamest-ass answer in the history of lame-ass answers.

These baseball players are trained to give the same answers in every interview, which is fine if you are interviewing them after going 0 for 4 on some game in June.

The problem is sports reporters take any old answer even when the issue is more serious.

ASK BETTER QUESTIONS! It's not like you don't like flaunting your Journalism degrees in front of sad little bloggers all the time.

Well, that's the last we're going to hear about steroids, right?

I want to ask Sweeny Murti why his name doesn't make any sense.

We need to pitch in and buy Rob a tv.

@Colonel: "No follow-ups" = "Evasive answers work splendidly"

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