Awesome Afternoon Augmentations: Angels Add Abreu; Adam Arrives At... Washington

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Rob is the alliterative one. Sue me.

Two more free agent slugger musical chairs were removed today. Cookies Abreu goes to the Angels in a 1 year, $5M deal and Adam Dunn becomes another cog in the Washington Nationals juggernaut. Dunn's deal is for two years and unknown money.

Abreu and Dunn are coming off pretty good years at the plate, OPS+ing at 120 and 129, respectively. Both come with realtively clean bills of health as well. As with almost everyone this offseason their market value is well below what it would have been only a winter ago, and both teams get proven bats at Xtreme Depressionâ“’ prices. This also takes away two teams that were in the Manny Ramirez discussion so that hopefully he'll just sign with the Dodgers and we can stop talking about him.

Unless he goes to the Mets and we will all turn on him like a pack of wild dogs.

(Pictures provided by this dude and this dude.)

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Adam Arrives At Austere, Albeit Almost Anti-Attended Amphitheater Above Anacostia

Holy Christ that's good.

I love that the picture of "slugger" Adam Dunn is one of him bunting.

It's a sad, weird day when "realtively (sic) clean bills of health" means "probably don't have full-blown AIDS that made them turn purple."

Not a sic. They keep it real with their bills of health.

If they are SOOOOOOOOOOOO healthy why do they have health bills at all?

Excellent usage of the word "amphitheater", MDT.

Dynamic Dunn Delivers Dingers for Downtrodden District Denizens

I used to think I was hot shit with the alliteration, but MDT just wrecked shop.

Also, with Dunn in the division now, we can take Hamels' and Santana's K projections up by about 20 or so.

Years of Acrophobia-To-The-Death have sharpened my skills.

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