With Bob Costas, Games On MLB Network Just Got Better, Smarmier

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Just over eight years after broadcasting his final playoff game, Bob Costas is getting back the keys to the baseball broadcasting booth. With the Super Bowl marking the end of the football season and Bob's size 32 NFL on NBC hosting jacket getting put in mothballs, the MLB Network has stepped in and hired Costas to do play-by-play commentary for regular season baseball games on the new cable channel. Darren Rovell reports that Costas will remain under contract with NBC to do Olympics and NFL stuff but will relinquish his position at HBO, the network that brought us this good stuff.

He'll also get a one-hour Thursday night interview-style show called "MLB Network Studio 42 with Bob Costas" which debuts February 5th. He'll be sitting down with Dodgers manager Joe Torre as he continues his book-whoring tour around the tri-state area.

You can take your Harold Reynoldses and your Hazel Maes and your Al Leiters because this is undoubtedly the biggest signing the fledgling network has undertaken in its first month of existence. Costas instantly provides the channel with class, gravitas, and a hearty dosage of snark. His sense of humor has been softened somewhat with the onset of his 50s but short-of-stature smartasses like me have always regarded Bob with admiration.

If you grew up in the 1980s, he was simply the voice of pre-game and post-game baseball coverage on TV, doing countless All Star Games and World Series games for NBC. Stuck on the depth chart behind Vin Scully for most of his career, he finally got to do play-by-play for the 1997 World Series, infamously causing chills across the Cleveland when he shouted, "The men of teal are for real!" That was the year Joe DiMaggio popped into the booth for an unannounced guest appearance, declaring that Costas' partner Joe Morgan was a real Hall-of-Famer, Costas was a future Hall-of-Famer and that he didn't know what to think about third man Bob Uecker.

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Uecker has inappropriate relationships with Furries.
boom, roasted.

Are we supposed to believe that the MLB Network has at least 41 other studios?

Twelve of those studios are bathroom stalls while six of them are broom closets, so that knocks it down a bit.

Harold Reynold's new show: Seven Minutes in (Baseball) Heaven.

Dave Justice, all is forgiven in Atlanta.
—Bob Costas after Justice's Game 6 home run which would prove the deciding run.

Best call he ever made.

Elvis has a better chance of coming back than the Blue Jays

-Bob Costas makes an enemy of my mother in 1991.

Fast forward to November 1992. My still bitter letter-writing mother strikes back....

-Dear Bob, Elvis is alive and well and living in Toronto.


In conclusion, my mom is cooler than Bob Costas.

Great. Now if the MLB Network ever hires Ken Rosenthal, OSHA will make them lower the doorhandles at that place.

I'm most looking forward to the fireside chats with Mary Carillo.

"my mom is cooler than Bob Costas."

@Lloyd, and no doubt taller than him.

After getting fucked by comcast with all of their contract disputes with new channels for all of these years I finally switched to Dish Network in December for more HD and a better price. Now I find out that MLB network is not on Dish Network but is on comcast. This sucks. I hate comcast

How can you hate a provider that gives select viewers free porn?

And matt_T, Halle Barry's face disagrees with the Costas comment.

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