Chipper Jones: The Walkoff Walk Interview

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When I was in the Braves clubhouse and saw Chipper sitting alone by his locker in a camo hat, I knew I had to interview him for Walkoff Walk. Did I have anything interesting to ask? As you'll see, no way! I didn't even remember to ask him about hunting. Is it a riveting interview? Not even close! But it's Chipper. He's a star around this site and I'll be damned if I wasn't going to make him a Walkoff Walk Interview. He turned out to be a nice guy. So behold a cub reporter interviewing a Hall Of Famer. It's downrig.....zzzzzzzz.


Kris Liakos: So how was it facing (Roy) Oswalt today?

Chipper Jones: Not fun.

KL: Is it ever?

CJ: Well it's usually more of an even battle when I have some ABs in me. He's gonna be my teammate for the next couple weeks and he uh... (laughs) he looked good.

KL: You were pretty vocal about some of the offseason moves the team made this year and you seemed especially emotional about Smoltzy leaving. Are you gonna have one eye on him in Boston this year?

CJ: I got bigger fish to fry around here. Obviously, I'm pullin for him and I hope he does well, but we play them six times this year. So I'm sure we'll see him a couple times. It'll be like it was facing Glav or Doggie (Greg Maddux). It is what it is. He thought he had one more shot at winning a championship and he thought Boston was the best place.

KL: I remember last year you made an appearance in the comments of Dave O'Brien's AJC blog. You still read any of that stuff?

CJ: A little bit. A lot less this year. Less than I did last year. I got four boys at home that keep me pretty busy so it's tough. But it's always good to keep your finger on the pulse of what the fans are thinking, and that's where they are.


I'm pretty sure we're friends now.

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I got bigger fish to fry around here.

And he caught them at the property down in LaGrange

What kind of fish was he frying? I bet it was a delicious rainbow trout. Wait, those aren't very big.

Chipper Jones: The Walkoff Walk intervi...

/internets collapse upon themselves

Definite BFF's


I have to salute Kris for having the balls to ask Chipper about commenting on the AJC blog, and I have to salute Chipper for playing the "I've got four kids that keep me way too busy to noodle around on the computer" excuse.

I really hope Chipper shows up in the WoW comments today.

You should have transcribed his half of the interview in all caps.

Todd Jones remains available to take your phone calls.

That was actually matt_t operating a life-size mannequin, but nice try, Kris.

Chipper has the logo for Luaka Bop Records on his left arm because he likes listening to Os Mutantes on his Zune while catfish fishin'.


I cut out the entire second half of the interview because it was just him droning on and on about what an underrated band Geggy Tah was.

Kris: I'd to thank you, whoever you are, for cutting that part out while I (presumably) was driving in my car.

Glav is a tremendously shitty nickname.

Did you call him Larry?

You should've called him Larry.

Wow. Geggy Tah? Didn't see that reference coming. I'm impressed.

So which obscure '90s band is next? Camper Van Beethoven? Hum? Jimmie's Chicken Shack?

CVB is an '80s band and BY NO MEANS obscure.

Take the skinheads bowling, take them bowling!

I always got Camper Van Beethoven confused with Tupelo Chain Sex.

I know it's Cracker, but Garage D'Or is one of my favorite album titles ever.

All Chipper wants to do is thank you, even though he don't know who you are. You once let him change lanes, when he was driving in his Ford Excursion.

Right. My mistake. CVB is an '80s one-hit wonder (but there's nothing wrong with one-hit wonder status). Truth be told, I hadn't heard CVB until my guitar player put them in his car CD player a few years ago. I hated most of it except "Take The Skinheads Bowling"...

Either way, in retrospect, I probably should've said "Cracker" instead of "Camper Van Beethoven".

Jimmie's Chicken Shack was remarkably good when I saw them in college. They were a lot tighter and more aggressive than their stoner image would lead you to believe.

I can't believe you forgot to mention to Larry that I want to have his babies.

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