Citi Field Continues Raising Culinary Bar; Fans Learning To Use Utensils

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Rob already hipped you to all the really good bites that are going to be available at Citi Field for this season, but delicious details continue to emerge. As the leading Baseball/Costumed Baby/Gourmet Foods blog on the web, it is most certainly our job to keep you updated. Ted Berg of SNY caught up with Ron Parker the head of Danny Meyers' Hudson Yards, and Floyd Cardoz of Tabla. The interview is pretty mouth watering. Some highlights:

FC: There are a lot of similarities between Mexico and India because you have the Spanish food in Mexico and you have the Portuguese, who came to India -- the part that I came from -- so there were a lot of pork products and beef products and things that I ate growing up, that I see a lot of similarities to in Mexico.

In Mexico and India, you use chilis as flavoring, and that was exciting for me to be able to do that, to get to know this cuisine that I've always loved. When we started developing the menu for Citi Field, we tried 20 salsas, and prepared pork various ways, and chicken various ways, and steak various ways and tried to get the best to stand for what we do.

TB: So that's what we're talking, pork, chicken and steak tacos?

FC: Yes, we're going to start off with three: pork, chicken and steak. And we're going to do a sweet corn with cotija cheese, which is a very typical Mexican street food.


TB: I almost forgot to ask about booze.

FC: I've been talking to the Brooklyn Brewery about a specialty beer for the taqueria. I think Garrett Oliver is very talented, at Brooklyn Brewery, and he's already developed two -- for Shake Shack and Blue Smoke. He's working on one that's planned for Citi Field to go with the tacos.

RP: And he's working on one for the frites stand, more of the blanc-style beer, and there'll hopefully be Shackmeister beer and Blue Smoke Ale.

FC: We met last week and tasted a bunch of things. We want it to be something that people want to drink at a ballpark. Garrett has a great philosophy where he says, when someone has a beer, it's not what the first sip does, it's what the last sip does. And his rule is that anybody who has a beer is going to get full, so it's got to be that good, to get you full. We tasted a lot of flavors: chilis, cinnamon. We came up with an orange-ish aroma, not sweet beer, but with a slight orange and a slight cinnamon flavor to it. It'll have a complexity with it that will work with the carnitas that we're doing. We haven't tasted that yet, but it's in the works.

Damn. Having spent some time in Mexico and around the trucks of Los Angeles, not many foods excite me more than a simple but authentic taco. Cardoz seems to have that same ethos in mind. It would be quite a coup to get that at the ballpark. Depending where you live it can be hard enough to find one even outside of a baseball stadium.

I'm not as crazy about Brooklyn Brewery as everyone else seems to be. I prefer their boroughmates Sixpoint. But still, if they're creating two brand new brews for the park there's a lot of potential in there. And coming from Fenway where my "craft" option is a Sam Adams, I still applaud the effort.

So yeah. The food looks good. Unfortunately Mets fans are all animals that will eat the urinal cake if you leave them unsupervised.

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Plus Drew Nieporent of Nobu and Tribeca Grill fame is going to run the Left Field Restaurant, where Fernando Tatis can bop into between innings for a shooter.

Wait--you mean there are craft breweries on the east coast that aren't Sam Adams? Are you talking about Sam Adams Light?

it's not what the first sip does, it's what the last sip does

The last sip chokes in September.

Two words: "Drinkability."

Over at the New Yankee Stadium, Moet & Chandon is working on a new Pinstripe Nectar Imperial because, you see, if your privileged ass is paying $300 for loge seats, you sure as shit ain't tippin back Bud Light.

The New Yankee Stadium will have cakies, as long as I am allowed to bring them in and sell them on the concourse.

I will sign a model release form if you want to use the picture of my hand for the packaging.

I'm just glad someone else doesn't care that much for the works of Brooklyn Brewery

We don't get it much on the west coast, but from what I've had of Brooklyn they've been solid. It's not actually brewed in Brooklyn though is it?

Mad props if the tacos aren't just standard cuts of meat but they do stuff like birria, lengua, and cabeza too.

I almost forgot about booze.


True to their word, Brooklyn Brewery is located in Brooklyn. Greenpoint, to be more specific.

So, wiki tells me Brooklyn outsources a lot of their production to Utica, NY. Of course. ALL THE GOOD JOBS GO TO UTICA.

Just to be clear here, we brew more than 20,000 kegs of beer here in Williamsburg, Brooklyn every year. We also brew a large amount of bottle-conditioned beer, including the soon-to-be-released Brooklyn Local 2. Our warm-rooms have been expanded to hold 30,000 bottles at a time. Shackmeister, Blue Smoke Ale, and the other beers for Danny Meyer's restaurants are all brewed here. We also brew a beer exclusively for Thomas Keller (The French Laundry, Per Se).

We also brew a lot of beer in Utica, and we have a large stake in the brewery there. i am in charge of our brewing for both locations. It is likely that the Brooklyn location will more than double in size in the next 12 months.

It's great to work with genius chefs like Floyd Cardoz, and we're looking forward to making these beers. We're also working on another beer with him, one where he'll do the spicing. So, lots of fun stuff happening here in Brooklyn!

- Garrett Oliver, Brewmaster, The Brooklyn Brewery

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