Ernie's Imaginary Baseball Game - 1971

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Is the weather lousy where you live? Are you seeing video of camp in Florida and Arizona and wondering how it's possible that you live in the same country as people playing baseball? Outside? Classic TV Friday is here to help.

If the season seems too far away for you, take a cue from Bert and Ernie. Just hallucinate use your imagination and pretend it's time for baseball. See? No matter how old you are you can still find some good advice on Sesame Street.

That's why I live for free in a trash can. How's that mortgage working out for you, sucker?

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Imagining baseball?

Ernie must be a Nationals fan.


First Grover, now Ernie. Tonight's Questions to address Rosita and forged identification documents.

that youtube clip is as old as I am.

yeah, I'm old.

Ernie's cousin must have given him some bad Boli to have hallucinations like that.

Right there with you, UU.

/pounds head on desk

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