I Am Going to Do My Darnedest to Get Excited for the WBC

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Remember the 2006 World Baseball Classic? Yeah, me neither. I spent most of March 2006 watching the first season of Big Love on HBO and the twelfth season of Survivor on CBS; I didn't have much time to pay attention to an artificial World Cup ripoff that barely featured any of my favorite players. Plus, I had a nasty case of March Madness! I might have paid attention to the semis and the finals of the WBC if the United States hadn't been embarrassingly eliminated after that 2-1 loss to Mexico in the second round. (Both runs were driven in by sassy senior Jorge Cantu).

But I didn't have an internationally-recognized baseball blog in 2006, so who really cared if I was ditching the WBC to watch the NCAA mens hoops tournament? Now three years later, I've convinced myself I should strap myself to the sofa and watch as much of this international hullabaloo as I can so as to keep our 30 readers well-informed. Do you think this is the sort of attitude Herr Selig wanted when he signed off on this massive undertaking? That the 38th biggest baseball blog in all the land would have its writers begrudgingly paying some modicum of attention to this spectacle?

Luckily for Bud, our own Lloyd will try and pick up some of the slack for the other WoW staff members. While Kris is embedded in Florida and I'm embedded in my living room, Lloyd will (allegedly) be hitting up the Rogers Centre for some Molson Export and some Pool C action. That's the U.S., Canada, Venezuela, and Italy. Lloyd will be rooting hard for Canadia, but with Corey Koskie and Matt Stairs on the team, how good could they really be?

The sixteen team rosters were officially announced yesterday and honestly, I do have a good deal of interest in the U.S. team. Our four outfielders are young and speedy (Braun, Hawpe, Granderson, Sizemore) but the infield leaves some question marks, despite the presence of my irrational mancrush, Derek Jeter. Seems the only first basegentleman we have on the roster is Kevin Youkilis. Sure he's one of the best in baseball, but what if he gets hurt? Mark DeRosa is not a decent backup. Whither Derrek Lee? Too afraid to take on a backup role? Shame.

Still, who am I to judge? DeRosa's a great utility player and should provide some pinch-hitty goodness against tough lefties. Obviously I am going to be quite biased here and hope for success by the U.S. squad. After all, if they make the semis, I could be convinced to watch the WBC final four over the NCAA Final Four.

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Kevin Youkilis. Sure he's one of the best in baseball, but what if he gets hurt?
You edited out your maniacal laugh, didn't you?

Also, I hope CHIPPER JONES gives occasional updates from Team USA.

3 shortstops and only 1 first baseman? Who assembled this team, Al Davis?

Matt Millen was the first team manager and he originally had twelve catchers and just one injured pitcher.

DeRosa's a Jersey guy. One Jersey guy on your team is like having 6 guys from Montana, or 7.5 from Rhode Island, so we're covered.

If Youkilis gets hurt they could put Jeter at 1st. That's probably where he should be playing anyway. There or left field.


I love the WBC, but that's prob because I already follow the Dominican winter league (Aguilas for life, bitches), and then tune into the Caribbean Series. I like the country vs. country format.

The country vs. country format is the baseball equivalent of girl on girl scenes, but with more balls.

Pool C is STACKED, except of Italy.

Making up a tournament and putting "Classic" in its name is like a person who lives in public housing naming their daughter Gucci or their son Five-Car Garage.

Dear MLB Headline Writers,

Please refrain from using the words "cream" and "pool" in the same headline. Thank you.


America, fuck yeah!

Also, how is Sal Fasano not on Team Italy?

The 38th biggest baseball blog? Look out Royals Authority, we're comin for that ass!

Also, freetzy- +1 million

She couldn't afford a Lexus
So she named her daughter Alexis

To be clear: I also cannot afford a Lexus.

I can afford more Lexii, not just one Lexus

Team Italy didn't have the biggest pool to choose from so they had to invite guys with Italian sounding names like Nick Punto

Olenberger, Kasey. worst Italian name ever!