Jack Clark Is Red Hot - 1987

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How hot was Jack Clark to start the 1987 season? Let KSDK news in St. Louis try to put it into perspective with some awesomely dated analogies. I won't spoil them for you. I will tell you that if you ever wanted to watch Jack Clark round the bases in slow mo to a song about sexual obsession then this Classic TV Friday is made for you.

Take it away, Art Holliday!

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Hot! Hot! Hot! by Buster Poindexter may have been a better mid-80's song to with while showing Clark rounding the bases.

/How you feeling?
//try getting that song out of your head for the day

Buster Poindexter AKA David Johannsen of New York Dolls AKA Ghost of XMas Past from Scrooged AKA guy that has heart-attack in an episode of Oz.

Hotter than the sexual tension on the hit new show "Alf"! Only on NBC!

Hotter than Mike Dukakis' fledgling White House campaign!

@UpstateUnderdog - Try playing that song in a room full of indifferent people. "HOW YOU FEELING?!" "Does this mean we have to dance now? I don't know, man..."

Hotter than that heavy metal rock group, with their new hit song "Unskinny Bop"...POISON!

Hotter than the commission-fueled, three-way sexual tension between John Tower, Edmund Muskie and Brent Scowcroft!

Hotter than two cats fucking in a wool sack!

Hotter than Nancy Reagan on her "JUST SAY NO" campaign.

Hotter than Michael Dukakis' presidential campaign.

/sorry Kris

Hotter than a spread-eagled Margaret Thatcher!

"HOW YOU FEELING?!" "Does this mean we have to dance now?

@Ed, you bet your ass it means we have to dance.

Hotter than the Nintendo Entertainment System! Now only $199.99 At Toys "R" Us!

Cooler than Freddy Jackson sipping a milkshake in a snowstorm.

I think I did that wrong.

@UpstateUnderdog - Allright, but if you request any ABBA, I'm outta here.

That Bruce Springsteen song they used is friggin' CREEPY. I don't know about you guys, but I think New Jersey's back on the hook for THAT one.

I think that was Leitch's dad in the stands at the 1:25 mark.

Also, "I'm on Fire" is one of the 3 Springsteen songs that I can stand. WE'RE BROKE FROM JERSEY AND THE PLANT CLOSED AND TIMES ARE TOUGH AND WE'RE EATING AT THE DINER WENNNNDYYYYY. We GET it, you're a workin man.

Hotter than Kitty Dukakis on a listerine bender.


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