Josh Beckett, Master Of Foreign Relations

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Join us on a trip to sunny Ft. Myers., economic boomtown and Spring Training home of the Red Sox and Twins. Boston Globe cameras were there to catch the introduction of of Josh Beckett and Takashi Saito, wherein Beckett puts on a rich display of diplomacy.

PECOTA loves the Red Sox bullpen with the additions of Saito and Ramon Ramirez. Their entire offseason was an excercise in low cost/high upside deals. So if you're a Boston fan, and not an impartial blogger like myself, you share Beckett's excitement about the relatively large batch of new guys.

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Beckett then asked Saito the best way to make fish tacos.

Exhibit 1,970 to support my hypothesis that baseball players are the dumbest of all athletes.

Light background noise and baseballs hitting mitts. Kris' head must be pounding today.

You know what else is riveting? The Usual Suspects on regular cable. GIVE ME THE KEYS YOU FAIRY GODMOTHER

Aren't you supposed to be working, Fartie?

There's something about "edited for television" swearing that is just so, so awesome.

Do the Right Thing: "Mickey-fick me? Mickey-fick YOU!"

Phillas, I am supposed to be doing a lot of things. That doesn't mean I do'em.

Did you see that? Did you see what was in Saito's right hand? Needles! He passed PEDs to Beckett! The legacy is tarnished, BoSox fans.

I'm just jealous that you have a jerb.

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