Ken Griffey Jr. Implores You To Come To A Mariners Game

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Ken Griffey's return to Seattle has been viewed as a sentimental move, almost as much for the "buzz" as for the actual baseball. A look at Junior's contract may lend credence to that notion since it contains attendance based incentives. Last year the Mariners had their lowest turnout since 1995, when they were still playing in the picturesque Kingdome.

As Darren "Greaser" Rovell points out, the attendance incentive is not without precedent. Mark McGwire, Roger Clemens and Kenny Lofton have all had contracts with them. If the Mariners don't get any better all hope is not necessarily lost for Griffey. He could always make a T-Shirt Cannon and get people out to the park.

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Griffey should probably stay away from those T-Shirt cannons. Cotton T's fired at high speeds could put a hole in his knee.

I remember my friends and I sleeping on the sidewalk, determined to secure tickets for when the Indians/White Sox/Giants/Pirates/Cubs/Yankees/Phillies/Dodgers/Rangers/Indians came to town. Missing Kenny Lofton would be a lifetime regret.

AHHHHAHAHAHAHA Lloyd's new pic is the friggin' jam.

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