Last Day To Get A Heist Ticket!

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Hey kids, we're getting those Heist tickets tomorrow. and today is the last day to reserve yo'self some. We've already exceeded our attendance expectations and want to make it even better. Pregame is gonna be the craziest, beeriest, shrimpiest tailgate party in Philly. We had some email problems earlier in the week so even if you've asked for a ticket, just confirm with Rob. If you haven't asked for one yet DO IT NOW. His email should be working just fine.

So come on out. Turn your internet friends into real life ones and watch some baseball while you're at it. We look forward to seeing all of you.

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Good news, everyone: we're over 25 so we're officially a group!

woohoo! does that mean we can get on the jumbotron??

but I'm scared of large groups. although it makes it easier for me to fondle you randomly.

Ho0w many people until you're officially a mob?

I'm so jealous.

Of the fondling, I mean.

For you, dear Farthammer, I'll fondle them while wearing an A's t-shirt.

I didn't realize 25 people read this site

Can we put together a transcontinental Fartie fund? I propose a cakie sale

Next year's Field Trip will be in the Bay Area so Farthammer and Phillas can attend, and so the rest of us have a good excuse to do the Napa Valley wine tours.

Rob will take everyone to French Laundry as well, on his dime.

We should focus next year's trip around an E-40 show. I get The Ball Street Journal delivered to my home, but just on the weekends.

This is breaking the first rule of the internet know, actually interacting with people in person.

Getting that number up to 25 really helps me set robust odds on who will be the first person to become pantsless at the game.

7-2 Lloyd the naked Barber. pound it

Less than 5 months to go.

You guys should have all your women come then have a key party.

I'm so jealous.

Law school friend, move your wedding so I can go to the Heist!

Can't we write a charity song for Farthammer? The sales of that will surely fund a flight!

@ Jerkwheat

It depends on how successfully you can come up with things that rhyme with, "Smirnoff Ice".

"Shear off the lice."

"Punctuate a comma splice."

"Dry-humped Stomper twice."

"fondled you twice"

"Humorous Device"

"Savagely beaten by Bill Geist."

"Jack Donaghy's coma vigil for Don Geiss"


"Ya ever wonder what it's like to run a hot stand??"

I love this website.

Nice Geist Clark reference.

So, I'll be sitting down with Garageband and recording this song this weekend it would appear...


I just sent an E-Mail about this... I really hope some tickets are still available, I'm really interested in this.

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