Like That Woman's Love, PECOTA Slipped Through My Hands

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Everyone's favorite individual player projections that are then extrapolated into a full team projection invented by that politics guy, the PECOTAS, were rolled out earlier this week. The AL Central and AL West both look super anemic. The West has devolved to the point where they had the A's, a team that doesn't even seem like they're trying to win anything, taking the division. That inspired the following blog post from the San Francisco Chronicle with the Scooby Dooesque headline, "PECOTA Favorites!?"

PECOTA... shows the A's squeaking into the playoffs with an 82-80 record in an extremely weak division. That's based on the A's offense improving while the Angels' hitting collapses.

Hard to take Februrary projections seriously, especially in a year when several big-time hitters remain unsigned, but PECOTA did hit a home run with its Tampa Bay projection last year. Expanding his horizons to politics, Silver then correctly predicted 49 states out of 50 in the recent presidential election.

Seems like the Angels have to get a hitter soon.

DO THEY? Well they did. They got a pretty decent one too. I'm a fan of Bobby Abreu's hitting, especially for $5M a year. One super enthusiastic fan is calling it "the best deal any team has made this offseason". I wouldn't go that far, so let's refer back to PECOTA. You gotta think those dashing dweebs updated already right? Let's hear it Clay Davenport. How does Abreu change the West?

More significant was Bobby abreu signing with the Angels. I pretty much gave him left field, cutting time that had been given to Terry Evans, Gary Matthews, Reggie Willits, Juan Rivera, and Brandon Wood; Rivera gets a bigger share of DH time to compensate... Anyways, since Abreu's stats come at the expense of lesser players, it delivers a big boost in the standings, changing them from 80-82 (second place) to 84-78 (first place).

PECOTA is fluid. PECOTA is changing. PECOTA is that woman in your office whose affections change with the weather. Just when you think you've got a hold on her the Angels sign Bobby Abreu. Or something. I'm so alone.

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And there you have it, kids. Bobby Abreu is all it takes to bump you up to first place in your division*.

*provided that division also contains the Mariners

SPEAKING OF THE MARINERS... are they really going to bring back KGJr? How terribly depressing/comical.

So the AL east is going to 441 and 369? POTUS realizes that they have to play each other and that there is an unbalanced schedule right?

Word out of Seattle is that the Griffey thing is really happening. At this point, we can only hope that he fails his physical.


But hey, if the PECOTA holds up, then somebody else will spew out Li'l Steinbrenner's "It's not fair!" whine-fest at the end of the season. Then everybody wins!

To counter the Angels, Billy Beane just traded his entire infield and claimed "The Angels are out of our reach this year; we're building towards the future."

PECOTA is Dr. Manhattan of the Watchmen

Last year the AL East went 430-374. The AL East owns you and your entire family.


Jim Leyland is The Comedian.

Eckstein is obviously Rorschachahchach or however you spell it. Both are 5'2" and full of grit.

Will there be PECOTAS for the fantasy baseball league?

Scott Boras is Richard Nixon

96 wins for the Yankees works for me.

+1, Colonel

PECOTA? Meh. I'll take my projections done by monkeys and dartboards, thankyouverymuch.

All aboard the Reds bandwagon, everybody. Jojo likes them the best.

Yes, but what does the Great Throwdini say?

He likes "Team Bullseye." I tried to get him to throw again, and when he did, let's just say that it wasn't a dart that he reached for. WHEN WILL I EVER LEARN?



Quis custodiet ipsos Jack Cust?

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