Lucky Strike Cigarettes - 1956

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Today's Classic TV Friday clip is so outdated it feels like it's from another planet. Want to enjoy the baseball game?

Step 1. Get to the game early.

Step 2. Look over the lineup cards.

Step 3. Light up a cigarette.

There you go. Those are the three steps. Hey don't look at me, IT WAS ON TV. THAT'S SCIENCE.

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It's a good thing smoking has no place in baseball today.

It's not that outdated. I remember smoking on airplanes.

Notice that the woman never stands up. I went to college in the South, and even circa-1990, it was considered by many to be astonishingly whorish for a girl to stand while smoking. I'm not shitting you.

I've seen smoking lights on planes, especially in old movies. Like Say Anything.

I remember in the very early 80's expectant fathers being able to smoke in the waiting rooms at hospitals.

I remember going to see the talkies at the nickelodeon and having a pull on some of that sweet toasted tobacco flavor from a Lucky Strike. Ahh, refreshing!

I remember when a swarthy uniformed lackey would offer you a cigarette just moments before tying your blindfold so tightly you could feel your heartbeat in your temples. Then, a squadron of guards dressed in lousy, sweat-encrusted rags would raise their rifles--manufactured, in a cruel irony, in your gringo homeland--and execute you, leaving your lifeless corpse to the buzzards and ants in the building heat of the late Mexican morning.

I remember when the state of New York passed a law that forbade smoking in public establishments. I understand why so many people thought it was a bad idea, but I also really like the fact that I no longer reek of other people's cigarette smoke after every gig.

I may have given up cigarettes, but I didn't quit smoking.