Manny Ramirez Shrugs At Your Deferred Monies

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Manny Ramirez and his floozy flack super agent Scott Boras have reportedly turned down a two-year, $45 million offer from the Dodgers, as per the LA Times. Wait, what? Isn't that what Manny Ramirez wanted? A multi-year deal valued at over $20 million per? What gives?

What Colletti didn't mention, the source said, is that most of Ramirez's salary would've been deferred. Two other sources previously told The Times that the proposed deal included deferred payments.

Under the terms of the contract that Ramirez was offered by the Dodgers on Wednesday, he would've received $10 million this year. And by exercising the option for the second year, he would've received $10 million in 2010.

Ramirez, who turns 37 in May, would've been paid the remaining $25 million over the next three years without any added interest. He would've received $10 million in 2011, $10 million in 2012 and $5 million in 2013.

Manny Ramirez is not a charity, people. Manny Ramirez is not ready to give the Dodgers an interest-free $25 million loan so they can waste it on his left field competition's bloated salary. Manny Ramirez wants his monies up front, either in unmarked bills or wired to his offshore accounts in the Caymans. Manny Ramirez simply doesn't show up for just $10 million a year; that's peanuts!

But really, this is just another chapter in Scott Boras' massive tome entitled "How I Screwed the Dodgers Without Even Trying" (available at Amazon for only $382.95!). Think about it, Boras is singlehandedly responsible for the following ill-fated Dodger deals and non-deals: Adrian Beltre walking to Seattle after finishing second in the MVP voting, Eric Gagne's $19 million deal spoiled by massive elbow problems, Luke Hochevar spurning the Dodgers and re-entering the draft, J.D. Drew's bloated $55 million deal, and Andruw Freakin' Jones.

Serves Frank McCourt right for even bothering to make a deal with the devil after selling his soul so many times before. Your move, Giants.

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Is it wrong that I'm rooting for collusion?

The best part of this story will be when Boras winds up costing Manny $10M this year and countless millions after that, and Manny chokes him out and grinds his bones into powder, then uses the substance as a protein shake. Soylent Boras. MMMM, chalky and empowering.

Manny's smart. The Asian markets crashed. He needs the money now, it won't be good in 2010 when the world ends

Love him or hate him, Scott Boras gets results! And blows goats, I have proof.

So, San Francisco and Los Angeles are currently deadlocked in a non-bidding war for a guy that doesn't want to play for either of them, really. Sounds fun.

NL West, catch the fever!

Manny hid $42,000 is the lining of Boras' assistant's jacket.

The dude has got to feed his family

We'll offer you $24 million and five, count them five, little league diamonds.

--Ned Colletti

Matt is not Mayan.

Watch this - the Padres pick Manny up for, like, five bucks and a bottle of Pepsi per game.

NL West, catch the fever!
I don't need this shit.

Frank McCourt would gladly pay you Tuesday for a hamburger today.

What about all those wacky Manny wigs?

fuck this fucktard. I got laid off yesterday, so Manny moves up on my shitlist simply for the fact that he'll never have to worry about going on COBRA.

so Manny moves up on my shitlist simply for the fact that he'll never have to worry about going on COBRA.
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haha i love manny still

we need an electroinc batter to bat for the yankees

Originally from Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic, in 1985, Ramirez joined his parents who relocated from the Dominican Republic to Washington Heights, a predominantly Dominican neighborhood in New York City. He played outfield for George Washington High School from 1989–1991.

In 2004, Ramirez missed a Red Sox game to become an American citizen. He entered the next game running onto the field to a standing ovation while carrying a small American flag held in his hand. He planted the flag in the left outfield corner of the field, in the shadow of the Green Monster, where it remained for the entire game.

Ramirez has three sons: Manuelito "Manny" Ramirez (b. 1995) from a previous relationship; Manny Ramirez, Jr. (b. 2003), and Lucas Ramirez (b. February 2006) with his current wife Juliana. In the off-season, the family lives in Weston, Florida.

No matter what, once those guys started seeing 7 and 8 figures they go from the kids you knew at the park to these big time douches. You just never truly know somebody I guess until you've had millions of dollars in between you huh? IDK just my two cents.

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