Old Man Griffey Hobbles Around Golf Course, Plays Coy

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Hey Mariners fans, are you getting excited about Seattle's rumoured dalliance with fan favorite Ken Griffey, Jr.? Well our favorite Northwest beat writer Geoff Baker seems to think the deal will be signed next week but the Kid himself is playing golf and playing hard to get:

"We don't know what we're doing next year with respect to Seattle. It's all rumors," Griffey said Thursday after finishing his round at the AT&T Pebble Beach National Pro-Am in California.

"I really don't even know. My agent is handling," he said moments after stepping off the Poppy Hills course.

When asked if he still wants to play despite knee surgery last October, Griffey said: "As long as it's still fun, I want to keep playing."

Ken, playing baseball might not be fun for you but watching you run around and catch baseballs is fun for us. The Mariners are basically running a barebones operation right now. Outside of stud pitcher Felix Hernandez and box-office draw Ichiro, there's not much going on with this team that's deep in the rebuilding rut right now. Taking on a surefire HOF'er with mass regional appeal for a few sheckels and a platoon role is a great business move, as long as Ken is willing to take on a platoon role.

Matthew Carruth at Fangraphs points out that the lefty Griff still has pop against RHP but his OPS drops off a bit against southpaws. His outfield defense is no longer worth extra wins but the team wouldn't suffer from penciling him in the left field slot twice a week and giving him some DH action the rest of the time. So if that job split is being presented to him right now, does that give Griffey pause? Would he rather play full-time in the outfield for a contending team, or would he want to hang around with a bunch of kids and be the wise old veteran?

But hey, if we really wanted to know what Ken wanted to do this season, we should just ask Kris to get Mrs. Griffey on the telephone.

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Would he rather play full-time in the outfield for a contending team

And I'd rather drive a car with working seat belts and a radio, but it ain't happening either.

Congrats on being the first person to write a blog entry about Ken Griffey and not use the words nerve tonic or gigantism.

Would he rather play full-time in the outfield for a contending team

Atlanta has an OF opening. Just sayin'

I'm kinda surprised the San Francisco "Tim Lincecum and the AARP All-Stars" Giants haven't offered Griffey a contract yet.

I haven't liked Griffey since I saw him wearing his hat backwards during warmups. DISRESPECTFUL TO THE GAME

He said "Contending" team

Boom, Roasted

I'm pretty sure I have a few sets of those Jimmy Dean cards in my parents garage.

If you've never heard the Jimmy Dean sausage complaint call, now is the time to catch up on HILARITY.

I was told the Will Clark Mother's Cookies cards would be worth hundreds by now.

Thank you, Rob. The ending was well worth the wait.

@Rob, the last 25 seconds of that call is comedy gold.

I never had Jimmy Dean baseball cards, maybe because I'm from the North, but I still have some Yankee cards that Burger King gave out in the late 70's

I remember Post cereals occasionally gave out baseball cards. That was great, 'cause then we'd get some actual cardboard to go with the cereal that tasted like cardboard.

They'll be booing his ass off the field by June.

That's what she said

Hello, Jimmy Dean.

/Hank Kingsley

Yeah. I have a Canseco, too. What gives?

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