Rinku And Dinesh Hit Pirate City

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Just a quick update. The guys have arrived in Bradenton. I'm unsure of what Pirate City is built on but I'm pretty sure it's not rock and roll. Their arrival got a great writeup from Colin Dunlap of the Pittsburgh Post Gazette. Well worth the read, even if I'm pretty sure he cleaned up their quotes. He relays the guys' realistic ambitions and says that their on field interactions with major leaguers will be limited at best.

But, as usual, the very best info comes from R&D themselves. On their blog they chronicle all of the excitement of arriving in camp complete with that age old go to joke... "turn your head and cough."

We also going American Doctor. this is first time we ever going doctor like this. He having many things he testing us with. They hit knee with rubber hammer. He looking in our nose and ears even. He also checking us for hernia. We not saying how he checking, but we happy JB Sir telling us Doctor doing this thing. If he not telling us, being big surprise.

That's what I call a full physical!

/squirts lapel flower

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I think "Pirate City" is a B-Side off of Nebraska. Springsteen doesn't play it too often though. Also, there's a part of me that hopes that JB Sir doesn't harbor secret intentions towards our boys what with "warning" them about the hernia test.

Am I the only one who still thinks this whole thing is a giant hoax?

A giant, pointless hoax.

Ken Slate laments this further inroad into his beloved hernia testing.

You owe me $2 for dry-cleaning after than inadvertent lapel squirt.

The entire Pirates organization is a hoax

oh and by the way...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY KRIS LIAKOS! You are the butter to my popcorn, the string to my cheese.


Put your cool shades on
Get your changeup pretty

Meet Rinku tonight in Pirate City.

Mr. JB sir
please don't stop me

Maybe you got a change
maybe you got a pretty fastball
but the only thing we got's
been bothering us our whole lives
Mister JB Sir
Please don't stop me.

You owe me $2 for dry-cleaning after than inadvertent lapel squirt.

That's what she said.

Well I got signed to play ball in the USA
But I got debts no honest Punjab can pay
So I took what I had from the Mumbai Trust
Bought us two tickets on that Gulf Coast bus

Our dreams won't die, Mr JB Sir, that's a fact
Our dreams won't die and we'll keep coming back
Put your cool shades on
Get your changeup pretty
Meet me tonight down in Pirate City

So shake it away, so shake away your street life, shake away your Pirate city life,
And hook up to the train, hook up to the night train, hook it up hook up to the, hook up to the train,
But I know that Rinku wont take the train, no he wont take the train,
No he wont take the train, no he wont take the train
He's afraid them tracks are gonna slow him down,
And when he turns Dinesh'll be gone
So long, sometimes you just gotta walkoff walk on.

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