Robbie Alomar AIDS Bombshell & Brian Giles Abuse Lawsuit

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I would rather not post such slander and hearsay, but if any of this Robbie Alomar full blown AIDS lawsuit holds water, then it's a doozy of a story. The lowlights:

  • Alomar was sick and refused to get an HIV test, he later ended up with full blown AIDS.
  • His ex-girlfriend is suing him now
  • Alomar told his girlfriend that "he was raped by two Mexican men after playing a ballgame in New Mexico or a Southwestern state when he was 17."
  • Alomar had a yeast infection.
  • After Alomar spit in the face of ump John Hirschbeck back in 1996, fellow umpire Al Clark said, "If I were John, I'd insist that Robbie Alomar take an AIDS test." AL CLARK: SOOTHSAYER.
  • Reader Dmac thinks that perhaps Robbie Alomar was the "high profile gay New York ballplayer" that everyone else thought was Mike Piazza.

If this is too salacious for you, there's always Brian Giles' counter-suit against his ex-girlfriend that claims she drove drunk over his legs and stabbed him with her stiletto heels. Classy!

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She worked ovr his legs, they looked like linguini

A gay sports blog? I thought this was such a thing?

Wait till you see our next post.

I think John Hirshbek might be having a rough morning.

"stabbed him with her stiletto heels."

Some guys pay chicks top dollar to have that done to them

I still can't get over the fact that he was foaming at the mouth. Did a big lady in a house dress come around, smacking him with a broom, screaming "Mad Dog! Mad Dog!"?

This isn't salacious enough for me, no, so here's one: Robbie Alomar infected A-Rod with AIDS while injecting him with a used steroid needle after Brian Giles raped both of them with his HGH-infected (and very tanned) penis. Meanwhile, Babe Ruth drank a lot and Lefty Grove spat on the ball.

A MLB coach once told me that Alomar was a "Hall of Flamer" and that his flamboyance was a big part of why he never stayed with a club for more than a couple years. Apparently, having their 2nd baseman hit on them in the showers made some guys a bit uncomfortable.

So really, the only shocking thing about this story to me was that he had a girlfriend.

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