The Best of Kris Liakos, February through July - A Listicle

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In honor of Walkoff Walk's first year anniversary, we thought we'd take the opportunity to pat ourselves on our backs and present to you some of our best work over the past twelve months. Because what's the point of blogging if you can't take a break and do a silly clip show from time to time? Here's Kris Liakos' best work from the first half of our blog history as judged by me, the smart one on the blog:

Eric Byrnes Is a Fruit: The origin of the head-slapping series. Nothing needed to be said that couldn't be illustrated by a simple JPEG of a man getting slapped in the back of the head.

Some Newspaper Blogs No Longer Utterly Useless: In which Kris salutes Tyler Kepner and Geoff Baker for having really good baseball blogs based in old media newspapers, and not "peppering me with 20 two-line roster updates every day". Kepner correctly predicted the Yanks would miss the playoffs, too.

Walkoff Walk Crimestopper Private Eye Detective Club #1: The first in a series of investigations in baseball bat attacks in Australia where we make the joke that perhaps Graeme Lloyd's crime syndicate is behind the attacks. Oh, that wasn't a joke?

Jim Leyland Berates Tigers Team; I Can Relate. Seriously.: With Jim Leyland's cranky attitude in the news, Kris takes the opportunity to tell the tale of his own personal Jim Leyland encounter. Spoiler: it involves snuggling!

I Have No Idea What This Means, But I'm Positive It's A Scam: The original Rinku and Dinesh post, and the first huge news story broken by Kris that he found by searching Google News for the word "baseball".

I Must Be Out of My Mind: Jose Canseco gets challenged to a fight by a pasty-white baseball blogger. Hilarity fails to ensue.

In Memoriam: Teams That Were Dead By Memorial Day: Kris correctly calls the season for every single bad team AND managers Willie Randolph and Ned Yost. Kudos!

Wha Hahppund: Are The Tigers Done Because Leyland Is?: Jim Leyland loses his fire in the clubhouse and Kris pounces. Walkoff Walk: your source for shrimp videos, liveglogs that end too early, and a constant barrage of Jim Leyland attacks!

Chuck LaMar Gives Credit To Anyone Who Walked Within Ten Yards Of The Trop: Kris takes former Rays GM Chuck LaMar behind the toolshed for some ass-whuppins after LaMar claims credit for the Rays breakout season despite being nowhere near St Pete for the past two years.

The Epic All Star Game Glog: In which Kris and the commenters nearly broke the entire Internet while Rob fell asleep at Yankee Stadium during the All Star Game.

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Not bad for a hipster doofus

Ironic t-shirt!

Unless that's a band I've never heard of.

I liked him better when he was just CTC. I like my internet like I like my Secret Santa gifts - anonymous and poorly thought out.

What's ironic about Garfield repping the state of Kentucky?

That all-star glog was pretty terrible until I stared getting the spins around the 10th inning.

That's weird. I have a Heathcliff t-shirt that just says "Gettin' Lucky In."

That's a good list, but I think you have to include this gem:

the fire extinguisher is the best piece of art hanging on the walls in that picture.

I always enjoyed the headline to this one:

It's funny because it's true.

Who knew Mark Ruffalo liked Kentucky AND Garfield?

He looks like that guy of the Lion Kings or whatever their name is.

Jesus. I hate every single thing in that picture. Even the fire extinguisher.

Or ESPECIALLY the fire extinguisher.

That picture looks like it belongs on a milk carton.

I just read the Carter one. Good call, Kris. That reminded me just how different Carter the Man was from Carter the RBI Baseball Player.

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