The Best of Kris Liakos, August through January - A Listicle

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In honor of Walkoff Walk's first year anniversary, we thought we'd take the opportunity to pat ourselves on our backs and present to you some of our best work over the past twelve months. Because what's the point of blogging if you can't take a break and do a silly clip show from time to time? Here's Kris Liakos' best work from the second, lazier half of our blog history as judged by me, the smart one on the blog:

The Wringing Of Hands, The Wearing Of Doo Rags: A Farewell To Manny Ramirez: One of the few opportunities we've taken to brush away our sad attempts to avoid bias and pen a heartfelt piece about a player we cared about. Look for my companion piece this March entitled "The Passion of the Jeter: An Ode in Nineteen Parts".

8/8/08: A Tribute To Yogi Berra, Bo Jackson and Carl Yastrzemski: Despite forgetting that Bo Jackson didn't wear #8 until his later White Sox days, Kris salutes three great players who wore #8 in honor of 08/08/2008. Joe Morgan is still pissed he was passed over.

Hal Bodley & Vince Naimoli: Someone Get The Hook: In the spirit of his Chuck LaMar rant, Kris dances on Vince Naimoli's grave after writer Hal Bodley salutes the former Rays owner. It's as if everyone who ever had anything to do with the Rays wanted credit for their surprise 2008 season, even this chick.

The Walkoff Walk Interview: Helene Sovern: Perhaps the single most anonymous interview subject in baseballblogging history, Helene was the dame who showed up to a Rays game in September despite having surgery earlier in the day to remove a one-inch metal grill brush bristle from the back of her throat. Look forward to next season when we interview a peanut vendor at Kauffman Stadium who adopted an injured pigeon and nursed it back to health.

What's Up Creampuff: Dudes That Are Hurt On Teams That Matter: The late-season Creampuff column that somehow managed to avoid mentioning wallaby rape.

CC Sabathia Finally Hits Big Time; Acquires Already Tired Postseason Rep: CC Sabathia gets savaged by journos everywhere for his poor postseason performance after such a stellar stretch run with the Brewers, just one year after sucking wind with the Indians in October. Kris defends big CC, saying he "may rival Santana for the best lefty in the league next season". I'LL TAKE IT.

John Lackey: Email Me And I Will Fight You: Pasty white out-of-shape blogger challenges pasty white out-of-shape pitcher to fight. Lackey, not unlike Canseco, does not respond.

Baseball Playoffs In An Election Year: My Final Comment: Kris avoids one of the pres-o-dential debates in favor of an NLCS tilt; shames RNC spokescritter Alex Conant for complaining that Obama bought TV time and delayed a World Series game. Oh, boo-hoo, no Jeanne Zelasko pregame show.

Stealing Some Thunder: A Red Sox Postmortem: A lifelong Red Sox fan waxes and wanes about another Boston season that ended a week too soon and accompanies the piece with a well-framed photo of an extremely handsome gentleman. My kinda post!

Old Racist Dude Attacks Rinku and Dinesh: Kris gives the smackdown to local reporter Ken Slate for his racist attack piece on our friends Rinku and Dinesh. GAZAB!

Rinku Singh and Dinesh Patel: The Walkoff Walk Interview : Our single best interview and one of the most widely-linked pieces ever published on Walkoff Walk. Out of every wacky baseball thing we've covered, Rinku and Dinesh was the one that really felt part of the WoW fabric.

Your Swingin' BBWAA Awards Roundup: No Shucking And Jiving, Just Cool Customers: Perhaps you missed this piece last month since it seems only four people commented and two of them were Honeynut. I thought it was lolarious.

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I was going to make a joke about that picture, but there's nothing I can say as insulting as that picture itself.

Why do you have a picture of Jack Black?

You know, I always had my doubts, but that picture cements it for me. Kris is Clooney.

The Helene Sovern interview was probably the greatest piece of grill brush bristle journalism ever, as well as one of my three favorite posts.


That picture needs more fire extinguishers.


Not so fast. Clooney will wear the SHIT out of plaid.

CTC, I never realized the guy who made the video commented on it. The video set to Poison by Alice Cooper would have kicked ass.

Looks like CTC was ready to drink some beer and kick some ass and they were out of beer.

Also, I'll be extra careful from now on when using a grill brush.

We were only out of beer for a little while.

Didn't he also predict 7/8 of the post season winners?

That guy was right, businessorleisure wasn't being sarcastic. He doesn't even know what sarcasm is!

Also, I would have to go with Europe's 'Final Countdown' for that video.

I love how the guy posts a production credit at the end of the video. But, that's not my favorite video of 2008 (ahem):

Ah yes. That chilling last scene with the Snake and Mongoose.

The way we've formatted these things doesn't allow us to reprint our conversations. Some were pretty good.

I had never read the Helene Sovern interview until now and her story was absolutely HORRIFYING.

I'd also like to submit this as one of Kris' greatest hits of August-January.

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