The Best of Lloyd the Barber - A Listicle

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In honor of Walkoff Walk's first year anniversary, we thought we'd take the opportunity to pat ourselves on our backs and present to you some of our best work over the past twelve months. Because what's the point of blogging if you can't take a break and do a silly clip show from time to time? Here's Canada's own Lloyd the Barber's best work from his July debut going forward:

Lloyd's Debut Saturday Morning Post Post: I was in Maine for a wedding the weekend that Lloyd debuted as our weekend fella. I almost didn't come back home to Jersey after reading his work because his prose flowed so ably and his analysis was spot-on. We got over our embarrassment at having the new guy out-blog us by keeping him hidden away in the weekend ghetto for months.

Marlins Infield Powerful, Cost-Effective: Lloyd praises the tater-tot-hitting Florida infield while snickering behind their backs at how horribly they catch and throw baseballs out in the field. All this for three easy installments of $29.99! Act now!

Tampa Bay Rays Playoff Preview: AL East Cross Pollination: The Tampa Bay Rays get previewed by the world's most devoted Rocco Baldelli fan, who also happens to be Ontario's 352nd biggest Blue Jays fan. The preview is approximately 30,000,000 times more thoughtful than one written by either a scorned Yankee fan or a defiant Red Sox supporter.

Phils Oldies Want Their Moment to Wrinkle in the Sun: A blogpost that was so unappreciated in its time that even I just read it for the first time yesterday. (sorry!) Seems as if the Phillies old farts didn't get their just desserts during the World Series thanks to some nasty FOX execs.

The Hot Knives Report: CC Sabathia: The debut Hot Knives post. Lloyd correctly picks Sabathia's destination and, more importantly, makes me feel good about the $826 billion contract the Yankees put on the table.

Intelligent Beings Pile on Gold Gloves: The Gold Glove-awarding organization that is the BBWAA gets raked over the coals and the first annual Walkoff Walk Gilded Leather Awards get passed out to the proper recipients. What, no love for Alex Rodriguez? He loves his leather gilded!

UZR is the New OBP: Lloyd stays on the defense beat and educates the WoWies about the new market for good glovework, or why Adam Dunn and Bobby Abreu still don't have jobs.

The Strawman Cometh: The economic crisis gets tackled and Lloyd wonders if the owners are participating in some sort of collusionary practices. Probably not, but while the Richie Riches in the baseball world really aren't feeling the recession, the little guys in the front offices are taking one on the chin.

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Wow, heckuva great Guy Clark reference, pal.

True story: If you pull a Canadian's finger, his fart smells like maple syrup.

Buehrle-like Blogger Boasts Borderline Brilliant (But Bizarre) Baldelli Beliefs.

Best midseason acquisition in baseball.

That picture is telling me to go ahead and hit on that hot girl at the end of the bar. I'm worth it.

I'm glad someone made you feel good about that CC contract. His postseason numbers sure won't do the trick.

Clearly cockeyed Canadian compiles clever, crafty compendium

That's the same expression Lloyd gave Rob&Kris when he found out he got the gig.

I have to say, that lloyd looks pretty darn Clooney.

Oh shit, dude said Clooney.

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