The Best Of Rob Iracane, August Through January- A Listicle

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In honor of Walkoff Walk's first year anniversary, we thought we'd take the opportunity to pat ourselves on our backs and present to you some of our best work over the past twelve months. Because what's the point of blogging if you can't take a break and do a silly clip show from time to time? Here's Rob Iracane's best work from the second, lazier half of our blog history as judged by me, the Clooney one on the blog:

Charlie Manuel Fears Change, Falling and Not Being Able to Get Up: Rob investigates which teams use the most and least amounts of different lineups. He ends up praising eventual champ, Charlie Manuel for using the fewest permutations. Pretty prescient analysis from a guy who's favorite band is The BoDeans.

Angel of Death Arrives at Skip Caray's Funeral: Later that day he spotted the Grim Reaper.

Help Us Name Bowling Green's Pro Baseball Team: Rob comes up with the brilliant campaign to get the Bowling Green minor league team named The Cave Shrimp. We eventually fail but the townie comments on this one are pretty great. Especially "KyMom." She sounds slippery.

Astros Fans Cry Foul (HAAHAH GET IT? FOUL?) Over Relocation: We talked a lot about Astros players and fans being total dinks about those hurricane makeup games. Here Rob fires the opening salvo.

In Triple-A Affiliate Merry-Go-Round, Only Winners are Moving Companies: In which Rob once again pushes Walkoff Walk to new heights in web design.

I Went to the Last Game at Yankee Stadium and All I Got Was This Dumb Magnet: Rob's relatively unsentimental take on the final game at Yankee Stadium. It's also the first post in which he mentions he has a girlfriend, which to this day causes everyone at Blogger Union Meetings to scream "SCABS!" at us.

Latino Red Sox Fans Lament Lack of Latino Red Sox Players: Identifying with the Latino Red Sox Fan. Rob is measured and makes some salient points. Also, puts up a picture of a midget.

Masters of Their Fates: Eulogizing the 2008 Yankees: If you think this is anguished wait till the Yankees miss another World Series with this new roster. Eep.

Wednesday Night Liveglog Club: World Series Game One: It was impossible to pick my favorite RobGlog, but this was a damn good one. Everything around here got stepped up a notch for the postseason.

Changeups We Can Believe In: David Price is the Barack Obama of Baseball: Rob combines two of last fall's biggest hype machines. All it needed was some Jonas Brothers and our server would have exploded.

The Greatest Day in Philadelphia's 300-Year History: Another field trip chronicle. I always look forward to these. Especially because it means Rob is out of the office and not bugging me on GChat all day.

Jeff Kent: Motorcycle Enthusiast, Homophobe, Political Activist: Wherein Rob reveals Jeff Kent's staunch support of Prop 8, and we come out against it as a blog. Even though no one asked us and we don't live in California. But according to Google Analytics a lot of our readers do.

Hey ESPN, Buy This Baseball Blog Instead: Rob makes a sales pitch for ESPN to buy WoW. Not only is it a good article, he got to use Money Baby, which he loves.

Baseball Writers Use Economic Recession As Straw Man: Even we got swept up in Global Financial Crisis Fever! This post got Rob his NPR show: "Talkin' Subprime With A Jersey Goon."

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Its always a good post when Otis makes an appearance.

This post makes me think of the ditty that Rob wrote over at the Stew advocating the tearing down of Yankee Stadium.


"Masters of Their Fates: Eulogizing the 2008 Yankees"

that one still hurts a little

I like to pretend my picture is facing everyone in this picture. STANDOFF.

I can't tell Rob, is that Mario or Luigi in the Yankee jersey?

@CW, it's Wario

So Rob won't let CTC post a harmless little YouTube video about a guy with 10 favorite teams, put he'll happily pose with 2 guys who just robbed the MLB store?

That is either Rob's dad or it's Rob from 25 years into the future with a San Fransico Yankees hat.

Fucking Wahoo. I finally sit down after driving all day, see that pic, and have a flower-eating-fireball-throwing-goomba-stomping joke that was sure to make us all smile and rejoice. Then I see you beat me to it. Ah well.


FYI that's my brother-in-law and my dad.

He's BOTH?!
What kinda family is this, Jake?


Pick a team, Iracane Sr. (I'm bummed I didn't get to meet him at the Padres game.)

As someone who only started consistently reading this blog after 2009 started I have a question; why the shrimp? Why?!

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